Dani The Explorer Mountain Life Presets


Dani The Explorer Mountain Life Presets

Creator: Dani the Explorer

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Mountain Lifestyle Photo Filters

Say hello to the new Mountain Life preset pack for Lightroom from @Dani_The_Explorer! This is the very preset pack she uses to date to edit my photos with vibrant colors and soft tones. below is some additional information about the presets. Please make sure you read the details in the description below!

If you want to see more Before and After photos from these presets, please visit @danipresets

These presets come in .xmp format. XMP Presets are compatible with Lightroom CC (desktop) and Lightroom Classic CC. Find out how to sync with Lightroom Mobile.


  • (Definition) – A radial and graduated filter meant to draw your eyes to the center of your images. This preset is meant to be applied on TOP of the remaining presets. It does not make any additional changes to your images.
  • Alpine – Focused on adding a soft pink hue to your images. Great for sunsets and sunrises.
  • Cascade Blue 1 – The first of the “Cascade Blue” filters. Focuses on the blues in your image, giving them more of a cyan touch.
  • Cascade Blue 2 – The second “Cascade Blue” filter. Puts your blues more on the purple side of the spectrum. Great for getting more of a cool tones look.
  • Golden Hour – Warms up your images with golden tones to make it look like you just walked through heaven’s gates. This filter also darkens images to focus bring more attention to the vibrant colors.
  • Pine 1 – The first of the “Pine” filters. Focuses on the greens and yellows in your images, making your cooler stand out by placing them closer to the blue side of the spectrum.
  • Pine 2 – The second of the “Pine” filters. Also focuses on the greens and yellows, making your images warmer by placing green hues closer to the yellow side of the spectrum.
  • Mt Adams – Named after one of my favorite mountains! Focuses on adding complimentary cool and warm tones to an image, with a touch of vignette to bring your attention to the center of your image.
  • Mt Rainier – Named after my #1, my bae, my actual fav mountain in the PNW. The Mt Rainier preset is the softest in the pack and is a bit more muted in color compared to the others. This preset will give you that “natural but better” look.
  • Summer – Brightens up and softens your images. Great for photos taken during mid-day light as it softens the harsh tones that are sometimes associated with high sun!

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