Sam Oetiker Lightroom Presets

(6 customer reviews)

Sam Oetiker Lightroom Presets

Creator: Sam Oetiker
(6 customer reviews)

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Clean Tones + Faded Looks for Adobe Lightroom

A collection of clean and faded film-inspired looks by British landscape and drone photographer Sam Oetiker. These filters will add moody, subtle tones to enhance your landscape and drone shots, providing a fantastic starting point for your edits. A few words from Sam: I love exploring the natural landscapes in my home country of Germany, and created this collection of presets to introduce cool, moody tones to my images – I am delighted to be sharing them with you now! Begin your editing workflow with these beautiful landscape presets from Sam Oetiker.

  • 12 Landscape Lightroom Presets
  • 8 Bonus Presets for adding further adjustments such as Graduated Filters or Grain
  • Faded Tones
  • Cool, Natural Colors
  • Free Help Files and Support

These presets are in .xmp and .LrTemplate format. This product is compatible with Lightroom CC (desktop) and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos. Find out how to sync presets with Lightroom Mobile. Sam has included 12 new presets in this bundle for you to play around with and learn from! Keep reading below to find out how these effects will perform on your photos:

1. Burnt Ochre – a classic faded look, great for moody shots

2. Cool Forest – the perfect preset for lush forest scenes, this preset helps to calm down the greens, and introduce some cooler tones to the image.

3. Dolomiti – My favorite preset in this pack! I use this as the starting point for the vast majority of the shots in my Instagram feed. Faded cool tones, with a balanced color palette.

4. Fade Out – a great starting point to achieve that desaturated, moody look.

5. Ice Punch – a gritty, dynamic preset that adds lots of contrast and detail amongst cooler tones. My favorite for snowy scenes.

6. Lush – another moody, film-inspired preset, which creates deep greens and rich colors

7. Madeira – For creating a warm, more vibrant images with soft, pinkish highlights. Looks great on summer shots.

8. Maple – designed to make those oranges and reds pop in your in autumn images.

9. Moody Blues – Perfect for shots with water: this look adds rich, dark tones to the blues.

10. Muted – A desaturated look perfect for making overcast, moody shots even moodier! This preset tends to overexpose slightly, so be sure to reduce the exposure slider to achieve the best result.

11. Organic – a more subtle preset with fewer color shifts that increases pop, saturation and contrast. Great if you want to maintain a more true-to-life look.

12. Pink Lemonade – the most unique preset in this pack. Introduces orange/teal tones and is great for portrait/editorial shots. This preset tends to look best when you reduce the exposure of your image.

+ 8 BONUS adjustment presets for fine tuning your image!

Need extra help with your new presets? Feel free to DM @samoetiker on Instagram and he will kindly assist you and share some tips!

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6 reviews for Sam Oetiker Lightroom Presets

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    Very happy with these presets, super easy to install and great results in a matter of minutes!

    Thanks Sam!

  2. Mike De Luyck (verified owner)

    Bought these presets a couple of days ago and I have to say that these help me get the moody edits I love.

    Thanks so much Sam!

  3. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Amazing presets, already made my photos so much better!!

  4. myrrhoj13

    By far the best presets I’ve found this far, to achieve this kind of look! Previously I’ve had presets that edit the photos far too much. Sam Oetikers presets are subtle and nice. Perfect for that balanced color scheme and the right dose of mood! 10/10 I would buy again.

  5. tsiridakis (verified owner)

    Pros: Great presets with a lot of options and variations.
    Also a good starting point to edit a photo.

    Cons: Sam is not responding on DM messages if you need an extra tip or some help as description says.

  6. Mohammed Khalifa Hassan (verified owner)

    The best presets i have ever paid for! Dolomiti, Fade out and Ice Punch are my favourites.

    Thanks Sam!

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