The Ryan Longnecker Interview

Ryan Longnecker is a passionate photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. He travels all over the world, exploring beautiful landscapes, capturing them with incredible quality.

Ryan has worked with brands and companies such as PacSun, LG, and Poler Outdoor Gear. He has also been featured in various publications such as the New Yorker, Newnique Magazine, and Design Aglow. Alongside his photography, Ryan is a writer at SLR Lounge and a brand ambassador for Adobe.

Beyond photography, Ryan is a husband and father of two daughters who loves to preserve the environment, explore, and be one with the beautiful world around him. To learn how Ryan Longnecker became the inspirational and passionate photographer that he is today, continue reading below.


How did you get into photography?

I spent time in the dark room in high school learning to develop my own photos and enlarge and it was interesting to me but it wasn’t until I became a photographer for my college yearbook that I began carrying a camera with me all over. I’ve always been passionate about nature though so it was a good and natural fit once I started doing landscape work more often.


Who are some of your inspirations?

Ben Sasso is a great friend and even better all around guy, loves the art community and slays at what he does always. His lady Katch Silva is also ridiculously talented. For landscape work I’m big fans of Eric Ward, Jordan Herschel, Konsta Punkka, Bryan Daugherty, Chris Burkard, Kyle Kuiper, Kyle Huber. Anis Mojgani inspires me with words. Lee Jeffries is unparalleled in capturing the soul through a persons eyes.


What is one lesson you learned while traveling as a photographer?

Schedule time to be enveloped in a moment, allow yourself to soak it in, don’t pack your trips too tightly.



What is your process for editing photos?

Almost entirely Lightroom, with the exception of grain and sharpening in alien skin, but if I want to composite anything or if I’m doing any kind of portraiture I’ll retouch in Photoshop.



How do you capture such clean, clear photos?

A lot of it has to do with time of day (sunrise or sunset) and not allowing the light to be too harsh or blow out the tones of the image. I also use a circular polarizer that cuts off reflections and has a huge impact on tone and contrast of colors.


“Believe that the world and the people in it are beautiful.”


What are some of your favorite locations to shoot?

Eastern Sierras, Canada has quickly moved in to a favorite spot, and anything new.


Do you have any mentors or friends that have helped you out with photography?

SO MANY. This list could really go on for days. Ben Sasso, Benj Haisch, Jeremy Cowart, Jordan Voth, Jordan Herschel… seriously it could go on for days.


What is one piece of advice that has stuck with you and helped you to become an inspiring photographer?

Believe that the world and the people in it are beautiful.


Ryan seeks to continue creating and inspiring others through his photos while preserving the environment and living a happy life with his family. For more on Longnecker’s photography, check out his website as well as his Twitter and Instagram.

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