Safe Sets Documentary Fundraiser Offers Health Risk Report for Film Workers

Safe Sets Documentary Fundraiser Offers Health Risk Report for Film Workers


Safe Sets Documentary Fundraiser Offers Health Risk Report for Donors  

November 20, 2023

BOSTON, MA – As film workers return to work after a prolonged strike action, many of the health and safety  issues they have raised concerns about have not been addressed. Long hours, toxic exposures, sleep deprivation and a lax attitude toward work site safety all create a health risk profile for film workers that some argue may shorten their life expectancy by several years.

To highlight these issues, this week, documentary producer and medical doctor, Dr. Paul Heinzelmann, launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the completion of his feature-length documentary Safe Sets: Dying to Work in the Film Industry, which explores many of the systemic health and safety issues impacting North American Film workers.


What is Safe Sets?

Safe Sets dives into sleep deprivation, substance addiction, toxic exposure, abuse of power, accidents and more, supported by stock, newsreel, and behind-the-scenes photos and footage. The film conveys hope that the tireless work of advocates within the industry will spark change for the better.

Risk Reports for Film Crews

The campaign offers an unusual reward for supporters who contribute $100 or more – a personalized health risk report conducted by Dr. Heinzelmann himself. Through an online questionnaire on health behaviors, family history and other health data, disease risks are assessed. Afterwards, Heinzelmann offers a virtual visit to discuss the results in greater detail, then compiles a Health Risk Report detailing individualized information on the donor’s risk of depression and anxiety, heart attack or stroke, recommendations for screenings, and lifestyle changes to help workers stay healthy. Communications will be conducted through a secure, encrypted platform to ensure patient confidentiality.

“It’s difficult for film workers to make time for medical appointments,” says Heinzelmann. “They’re working 12 hours a day or longer, often in remote locations and in very insecure positions. Taking time off to see a doctor can easily cost them a full day of income. So I created this remote health consultation service for film workers in the hope that it might incentivize people to tackle some of their health risks early on, before things get more difficult to manage.”

Remote health services are ideal for film workers because appointments can be scheduled over a lunch break, which is less disruptive to the production and less of a risk for the worker in terms of lost income. “We put a lot of time into building a service that’s optimized for the health needs of film workers,” Heinzelmann says. “We thought it would make a pretty good perk for our crowdfunding campaign to finish the documentary. Many of our donors will be film workers who want to see more attention drawn to these systemic issues. Why don’t we help them manage their own health at the same time?”

Film workers can sign up for the SetMD care Health Risk Report at The crowdfunding campaign for Safe Sets can be found at Seed & Spark. Additional incentives include discounts on Safe Sets branded merchandise, early screening access, credit in the film and more.

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