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Your lens is a pricey investment and you want to do what you can to keep it in prime condition. Filters serve this purpose, but they can double as a creative accessory that enhances your images as you shoot, too. From highlighting light beams to adding warmth and depth there are many things a filter can do aside from balancing color and keeping the glass free from scratches. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best lens filters for protection and special effects to take your photography and videography to the next level!

13 Of The Best Filters for Protection and Special Effects

1. Linear Prism FX Filter 

When you use the Linear Prism FX Filter you will capture amazing linear abstractions. There are many ways you can use this in your photography or videography niche that will provide unique looks to help stand out. When used with longer focal points you will capture the impression of people or objects lining up and slowly fade away. Additionally, using a shorter focal length you will get a frozen in time glitch effect. See what else you can do with this filter here

2. Kaleidoscope FX Filter

If you want to get extra creative with your photography this is the filter for you. As the name implies, this filter will create a Kaleidoscope appearance. Changing the focal length while shooting with this filter will cause the effect to be more subtle or prominent. You can also rotate the filter as you shoot to get a variety of kaleidoscope variations. See more examples of how to use this filter here

3. Moment Cinebloom Diffusion Filter

These filters can fit on standard camera lenses ranging from 37-82mm. They do not change the hue or color of images but do apply a soft and dreamy effect. This makes them great for portraits where you want the skin to appear naturally flawless.  You can choose between the 10% density or 20% density filters which impacts the hard edges or your images. They can stack on top of other filters so you can combine this with any of your other favorite filters for unique results. Find the perfect Moment Filter by browsing through this selection here

4. Special Star/Cross Screen Effect Filter

If you are looking to gain more creative control over the light that enters your camera these filters will do just that. They are designed with etched lines or grid patterns, producing star point light beam effects in the image. Many can be rotated on the lens to give you a variety of light beam effects. You will find a variety of these filters differing in size, price, and star effects, find the one best for you here

5. Lindsey Optics 4×5.65″ Brilliant2 Rota-Streak Filter, Diamond 4 Point Star

The Lindsey Optics Brilliant Streak filters not only help create stunning light effects in your images they can be found in six different colors to add more vibrancy (the one pictured above is the red filter). They feature a star crossed design that is adjustable from the rotation system located on the mount. You also have control over the intensity of the light effects. These filters also have a unique design of small rod lenses incorporated into the glass filter and spaced in a way so you can move them closer together for a stronger effect or widen their spaces for a more subtle effect. This filter does require a standard clamp-on cine matte box that fits 4X5.65 filter sizes.  

6. Lindsey Optics 4×5.65″ Brilliant2 Rota-Streak Filter, Swirl, Blue

This filter’s design highlights light beams in your images in a radial streak. The blue color of this filter gives the light a blue tint to the effect and elliptical tails. Like the Lindsey Optics Brilliant Streak filter mentioned above, these filters come in six different colors and will need a clamp-on standard cine matte box for this filter as well. 

7. Bower 77mm Digital High-Definition UV Filter 

This is an incredibly affordable filter that keeps your lens protected from scratches, dust, and more. This glass filter can be left on the lens at all times. It absorbs ultraviolet light rays so you will notice less flaring and streaking on reflective surfaces. This also produces deeper, rich colors in your images. Filter sizes range from 37mm to 77mm you can find them here and adjust the size to your preference

8. Lensbaby 46mm Macro Close-Up Filter Kit for Sweet 35/50/80, Edge 50/80, Twist 60, Creative Bokeh Optics and Trio 28 Lens

Those who enjoy macro photography will love this filter set. Specially designed for close-up shots this kit brings out the tiny details in your macro shots and pulls focus to key areas of the frame. They are compatible with many Lensbaby optic lenses. Get this kit of three different macro filters here

9. Variable ND Filter

A variable neutral density filter gives you the ability to control the amount of light entering the camera without having to swap filters. These filters work similar to a circular polarizer but consist of a polarizing layer as well. The inner layer reduces light from a single plane the outer layer can be rotated to adjust the light exposure.  

10. B + W 67mm XS-Pro Clear MRC Nano #007M Filter

This filter improves light transmission which makes your black and white images more crisps and refined. These are ideal for shooting black and white, but they can also be used for color photography. They effectively prevent ghosting and light flares with color images as well. They are designed with a special protective coating that is easy to clean and safe to keep on your lens for continuous lens protection. 

11. Landscape Resin Graduated FIlters  

You will need to purchase a filter holder for this specific set. These filters are ideal for landscape photographers because they add more depth and richness to images. The three filters are colored to deepen the blue of the sky, add more warmth to foregrounds, and enhance textures of rocks and foliage. 

12. Autumn Tint Resin Graduated Filter Set

These filters are designed to fit over the entire lens or be placed over half the lens to give a gradient effect. These specific filters will instantly give your outdoor setting an autumn feel. They add warmth and richness to any image. 

13. Flare FX Filter

This Flare FX filter is available in rainbow (pictured above) or blue. As you can see these filters are designed with colored lines etched into the filter. This creates an anamorphic flare that beautifully highlights light streaks across the frame. To see how this filter can transform the way you shoot check them out here

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