The Best Lightroom Presets for Beaches and the Ocean

It’s summertime and we’ve put together our 10 favorite Lightroom preset packs for all of your beautiful beach and ocean photos! They’re all available to download on the FilterGrade store, and each one is guaranteed to make your photos look even better and capture that summer vibe.

1. Beachy Day Photoshop Actions Lightroom Presets Mobile Filters

Look your best for your beach day with this pack of 14 Lightroom presets! They add bright, bronze beach tones, blue water colors, and tanned skin to your images. These filters are sure to bring out the ocean with vibrant blue tones.

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2. Hollywood Beach – Lightroom Presets

The Hollywood Beach Lightroom preset pack comes with 6 great presets with vibrant colors for your ultimate summer photo look. The best part is that they’re made to occupy the same color range, so you could use different ones on the same set of photos and they would still look natural.

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3. Andaman Cobalt Edition : 8 Underwater Lightroom Presets

If you want to edit some absolutely stunning underwater photos, this Lightroom presets pack is for you! It comes with 8 different presets that will replace the murky water look from out of your camera and make them dark and vibrant blue.

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4. 10 Beach Vibes Lightroom Preset

Capture beach vibes with this pack of 10 presets! They’ll enhance your colors to bring out tanned skin tones and bright blue oceans, while maintaining a soft look.

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5. Beach Lightroom Presets Mobile & Desktop

These 4 beach-themed presets for Lightroom will enhance your beach photos and make them look like an ad for a relaxing resort! Rather than over-saturating colors, you’ll find that these presets subdue most colors while enhancing skin tones, making your subject stand out.

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6. 15 Lightroom Presets Neo Blue Topaz

Bring out your blue colors with this pack of 15 Lightroom presets. Perfect for evoking summer evenings, this pack is sure to make your ocean and beach photos look stunning.

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7. Beach, Ocean Presets – 6 Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop

These Lightroom presets for the beach and ocean will help give your photos a cohesive summer look. Deeper your blues, bronze your skintones, and rebalance your colors to create something relaxing and clean.

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8. @i2raelgil Underwater Filter Pack for Lightroom Mobile

Israel Gil Underwater Filter Pack Mobile

Create beautiful underwater photos with just a click! These 9 presets can apply dramatic blue tones to

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9. Palm Beach Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop

This presets pack brings out bronze undertones with a tropical green glow. They will give a soft and beachy look to your summer photos. Bring your photos to life with these 5 tropical presets.

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10. 10 Cocoa Beach Presets for Lightroom Mobile App and Desktop

These 10 cocoa-tinted Lightroom presets will give a vintage and relaxed beige look to your beach photos. Give a consistent look to your vacation photos whether you’re a blogger or influencer.

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