10 of the Best Cases for Travel Photographers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hardened professional or a novice hobbyist, making sure that your expensive camera and all the lenses, extra batteries, SD cards, and other necessities that accompany it are safe and sound is paramount. You’ve taken the time to do your research on what type of camera you should buy, which lenses are the best, and you’ve even taken the time to compare storage and memory options. However, you may not have taken enough precautions to keep all of those things safe.

If you’re bringing your camera with you on travels, you need to take some extra precautions to make sure that it, and all of your other equipment, is well-protected.

Luckily for you, we’ve made that extremely easy. We’ve done the research and found the best of the best. Any one of these cases will accommodate a travel photographer’s needs and protect their equipment from dents, knocks, damage, and even the elements.

Billingham Hadley One Camera Bag

A traditional canvas case, with an innovative twist. The Hadley One shoulder bag has padded spaces not only for your camera and lenses, but also for a laptop or tablet, making it perfect for the modern photographer on the go.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag V2

The name may say every day but the design is everything but average. This style bag is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to draw a lot of attention to their expensive equipment. Capable of holding a full-frame DSLR plus three lenses, the bag can expand and contract without losing its shape.

Lowepro Whistler Backpack 450 AW II

Venturing out into rugged environments requires much more rugged equipment. Chances are, you’re daily camera case won’t cut it. This all-weather backup keeps your hands free for long hikes and steep climbs and protects your camera from the elements and accidental damage. Along with room for a DSLR body and four lenses, this backpack also has attachments for outdoor gear like skis and ice axes. And, as an added bonus, bag’s buckles are designed to be easy to open when wearing gloves.

Pelican 1535TRVL

While this case is less than ideal for toting around a city or hauling up a mountain, there is nothing that can match its protective abilities.  Perfect for long-distance travel, like on a plane or boat, hard cases offer uncomparable protection against impact, rough handling and harsh environments. You won’t be able to access your camera quickly, but you’ll know that it’s safe. 

Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II

For those who are shooting at completely different sites everyday, this case is a dream come true. Designed as a modular system, the velcro dividers inside can be removed and modified to accommodate different gear. And, there’s a storage compartment specifically for a laptop. However, the best part is the elastic loops on the front that can be used to hold a range of different accessories. 

WANDRD PRVKE 31L Travel Camera Backpack

Made from durable and water-resistant tarpaulin and nylon dobby, this minimalist piece will last for years to come. With easy access to your equipment and plenty of space to store all the lenses you may need, this camera case is perfect for everyday use. 

Think Tank Airport Advantage XT Light Weight Carry On

This camera case is large enough to carry a mountain of equipment, but compact enough to be used as a carry-on. Designed to house two (that’s right two!) DSLRs with attached 500mm lenses, it also has additional capacity for a  17” laptop, 10” tablet, and another 600mm lens. It even comes with mesh interior pockets so your cables, chargers, and batteries don’t get tangled en route. And the wheels don’t hurt its accessibility either. 

Case Logic SLR Zoom Holster Case

If you’ve just started foraying into the world of travel photography, you may be hesitant to invest in a large, expensive case. For ultimate portability and protection, look no further than this holster case.  The well-padded main compartment has a hammock system that will suspend your camera to offer an exceedingly high level of shock protection, and the entire case is water-resistant. 

Think Tank Retrospective 7 V2.0 Medium Shoulder Bag

This distressed messenger-style bag has enough space for your standard DSLR with a 24-70 mm f/2.8 attached and a 70-200 mm f/2.8 by its side. And, you’ll even have enough room left over for your other accessories, like a flash or extra battery. However, it’s coolest feature, by far, is the “sound silencers” designed to eliminate the ripping sound made when accessing the interior. This case is a dream for wildlife photographers.  

Think Tank Digital Holster 20 V2.0

Designed primarily as a shoulder bag, the Think Tank Digital holster can easily be converted into a belt pack via a concealed waist belt, making it an ideal choice for travelers who are concerned about safety. It can hold a standard DSLR with 3-4 lenses and features stretchable side pockets and ergonomic carry handles.

All of these different cases feature special additions to suit the on-the-go requirements of travel photography. If you’re having trouble deciding what’s right for you, think about the environment you typically work in. Are you worried about pickpockets or are you more concerned about easy accessibility? Determining what your greatest concerns are about protecting your equipment is the easiest way to find the right camera case. 

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