80 Inspiring Projects on Dribbble

80 Inspiring Projects on Dribble - FilterGrade

Whether you are a freelance designer or looking for a graphic designer, Dribbble is the go-to site for logos, app layouts, animations, and more. Dribbble is the place where you can connect, share, and find inspiration for any of your next projects. And we’ve done a lot of searching for you. Check out these 80 inspiring projects on Dribbble that are sure to get your creative wheels turning or might just lead you to work with your next designer. 

Inspiring Projects on Dribbble. 

1. Lion Illustration and Lettering

Ridgid Tools - Lion Illustration & Lettering quote hand drawn illustration wacom typography lettering inspiring lion

The inspiring text along with the image of a fierce lion makes this design stand out. You can find many creative ways to let this design inspire your next project. 

2. I Am Proud of Myself

I Am Proud of Myself quote words inspirational quote abstract self care self love encouraging inspiring inspirational plant cute plants pink illustration

This design highlights that what is truly inspiring is a person who believes in themselves despite all odds. 

3. Find Your Wild

Find your wild poster inspiring leaves typography design flowers illustrator illustration graphism

This fun, colorful design will get your creative juices flowing. 

4. Be Professional

Be Professional creative create happy stars night sky shadow motivate inspiring handdrawn lettering procreate art professional typography freelance graphic design design day 2020 world design day

This fun and airy font might motivate you or give you some great ideas for your next project. 

5. Just Go

Just Go! wherever discover explore inspiring place go journey wanderlust adventure world travel

This design will remind you to get out and see the world more.

6. Moon Child  

This simple design will inspire you to dream a little more.

7. Typography

Typography fridaymood inspiration strong head heart palette color vibrant vibrant colours illustration 2020 inspiring typespire calligraphy typography handlettering lettering quote lyrics

This design is detailed and flawless. The different fonts and colors will inspire you to mix and match elements to create something truly unique.

8. Dreams!

Dreams! typography photography illustrator design ui respect mlk branding logo motivation inspiring dreams

This design speaks for itself and really draws in your attention with the colorful flashes of light. 

9. Inspiring todo App

Inspiring Todo App - Chrome Extension inspiring productivity ui app todo

Need help finding the motivation to get through those daily to-dos? CHeck out this design. 

10. Adventure Begins

Adventure Begins wild nature road trip flat design blue inspiring pin hike mountains travel adventure graphic design sticker

This simple design will inspire you to have more adventures. 

11. Offer More

Offer more hero inspiring print poster flat design vector female illustration editorial corporate values superhero super

This fun design will inspire you to find your own creative superhero.

12. Balloon Flights Booking Concept


Looking for some fresh ideas for your app design? This inspiring Dribble project will provide you with color, interesting concepts, and a seamless design. 

13. Order It

Order it- Merchant Interface Design order app food app interface ui ux design ui design ui ideas app design app interface design inspiring inspiration concept design

This great merchant interface app is perfect for those looking for an innovative new way to streamline orders and more.

14. App Landing Page Design

App Landing Page Design fold app foldable fold foldable visual design mobile app app landing art line top web design ux ui landing page

This clean and eye-catching design has a number of inspiring elements that will get you to think outside the box. 

15. The Best Nine

The Best Nine Of 2018 best 9 music maps travel cart landing 2018 shot top best nine

These nine designs by Giga Tamarashvili will inspire and give you a lot of creative ideas. 

16. Tuning

Need a little gaming inspiration? Check out this edgy and fast design.

17. App Icons Collection

App Icons Collection top best logos logotype brand design icons design app icons app icon appicon branding design lalit logo logo design print brand identity logo designer india branding designer

These deep blue, dark  icons are fun, mysterious and inspiring.

18. Interactive Animation

Even the most mundane features can be made fun and entertaining. Check out this tab bar design in motion here.  

19. Learning Light

Learning Light clean ui online learning learning platform learning web desktop hot popular top interface ux ui dribbble design

This clean and sleek design will inspire you to keep things simple. 

20. Upward

Upward peak summit reach top mountain flag upward

This stunning design will inspire you to keep moving forward and upward. 

21. Top Flight

This retro design will remind you to look at things from a different perspective. 

22. School House

SchoolHouse iphone sketch mark website app identity illustration logo branding icon

Sometimes you have to know when to pick your ideas apart and see a new way of putting them back together. This design highlights that idea perfectly. 

23. Palm Springs

Palm Springs succulents cactus palm tree suburb buildings home cars lettering typography vintage flat retro drawing graphic character vector texture illustration

This postcard inspired design will remind you that you can find inspiration just about anywhere. 

24. Makeup Portfolio

Makeup portfolio portfolio makeup artist personal calligraphy branding logo fashion clean grid typography ux ui web

From the colors to the text and the mood, this design mixes things up.

25. Solar System

Solar System 360° Panorama App 360 view panorama mars earth nasa planet solar system space cosmos photo gradient app concept colors minimal ux ui design

This panorama app is bound to get your creative wheels turning. It adds in a different approach to a clean, colorful, and simplified design. 

26. Exotic Fruits Ecommerce App

Exotic Fruit Ecommerce Application product screen mobile application mobile ecommerce mobile design mobile app ecommerce exotic fruit app design user interface mobile user experience interaction design studio interface ui ux graphic design design product page

You don’t have to add in a variety of colors to have an eye-catching design. This app utilizes various shades of green which might inspire you to see what you can do using less color. 

27. There’s a Whole World Out There

There’s a whole world out there... adventure inspiring quote graphic design cute design drawing illustration colourful lettering type hand drawn typography

Simple, cute, and nostalgic. The mocked hand-drawn artwork is a fun and inspirational touch to this design. Check it out and see what you can draw up. 

28. Make It

This designer transformed the well-known saying “fake it till you make it”. What common quote can you give an upgrade to?

29. Keep Moving

Give some color and new life to your favorite words of motivation. 

30. Lighthouse

This design captures our attention because of its simplicity. What can you create that is simple and clean?  

31. Creative Studio: Home Page

Need some inspiration on your home page design? Check out this design by  Arafat Ahmed Chowdhury 

32. Desert 

This stunning design looks as though it has been transformed from an actual picture. What images do you have laying around that you can give an animated update to?

33. Budget Planner App

Budgeting isn’t fun. But, this app design makes it look more fun and easy to do. How can your creative designs turn the mundane into a more enjoyable activity?

34. Travel Agency: Home Page Exploration

Travel Agency : Home Page Exploration design inspiration creative design minimal user experience visual design userinterface webdesign travel app travel

From the layout to the images, this home page makes us want to book a trip!

35. Luxury Car Rental App

This app is bold, edgy, and vibrant. Everything you would expect when it comes to promoting luxury cars. 

36. Gradient Love

It’s simple but so flawlessly done. We especially love the use of the gradient colors in this eye catching design. 

37. Fresh Air and Where to Find It 

This design will help you remember that there is no limit to your potential. 

38. EDAROTH Icon Set 02

This set of icons can get your creative thoughts flowing and inspire you to create your own set of icons. 

39. The Hygiene Bank Illustrations

What household items can you make into a fun illustration?

40. All the ___ You Could Need.

All the _________ you could need. design-inspiration stock-photo ui

Beach views and water tend to get the creative wheels turning.

41. Allegoria Logo Concept

Logos need to be simple yet memorable. What ideas does this design inspire?

42. Atom

This design is just cute and makes us happy. What designs can you create that put a smile on someone’s face?

43. Lilies

If anything this design on dribbble will help organize your thoughts and inspire you to create something just as calming and beautiful. 

44. Balloon

We love the dreamy yet realistic feel of this design. 

45. INK Logo Design

This design perfectly transforms a simple word by adding in visuals that describes the word, like the drips of ink falling under the N. This design can inspire you to play with words and their visual forms. 

46. Starry Sky 

The colors, the beacon of light shining from the mountain top, the starry sky, everything about this design is sure to inspire. 

47. Quinon

This design is a fun twist on the typical e-commerce store. See it in action above.

48. Rain Symbol Design 

This is another design that highlights simplicity can make for a perfect design. 

49. M of Marketel Logo Design Proposals

How many ways can you transform the same letter? This design should inspire a few creative ideas!

50. Inspire Creative Works

The name of this piece speaks for itself. How can you inspire others creatively?

51. Forest House

There is something about the purple haze and quaint cabin in the woods that just puts us in a creative mood. 

 52. Believe

Believe in yourself and you are well on your way. 

53. Inch X Inch- Bend Don’t Break 

What inspiring words will be the focus of your next design?

54. Neu-06

Simple, yet powerful. What will you conquer with your next design?

55. Inspire

This is a fun play with fonts. 

56. Stylin

We love this logo design that perfectly reflects style. 

57. Inch X Inch- Make Mistakes

This design will remind you that it is ok to make mistakes, that is how you learn!

58. Article Web 

This inspiring Dribbble project captures our attention because of its simplicity and clean execution. 

59. Summer Gradient Icons

What seasonal items can you transform into an illustration using a fun gradient scheme?

60. Zusik Logo Design 

Another logo that is flawlessly executed. The color scheme and layout may inspire you to think outside the box.

61. Course App

We love the shapes and colors used with this app design. It might just inspire you to play around with simple shapes in your next project. 

62. Avocado logo  

Everything about this design is well thought out. The colors, the little avocado, and the font all perfect fit together. 

63. Inspire Flame Logo Design

This inspiring dribbble design will get your creative spark aflamed!

64. Inch X Inch- Stay Sharp

We love the play on words with this design!

65. Logo Punto G

This reminds us of Twitter’s memorable bird logo. Piecing together random shapes to create a unified image isn’t easy.  What can you create when you mismatch shapes?

66. Cactus

This makes our list of inspiring designs on Dribbble because it looks so simple, but we know it has taken hours of dedication to complete this clean and cute design.

67. Monochrome Infinite Circle Symbol Design

It is easy to get lost in this design. The overlapping circles that spiral into one another is a creative way to show its infinite concept. 

68. Kumbaya

This design uses an edge transition that perfectly fits the brand.  

69. Big Dreams

Simple design with an inspiring message. 

70. Awake Inspire Change

The best designs aren’t ones that just motivate you to get creative, they remind you to stay aligned with what you are truly passionate about. This chakra inspired design does just that. 

71. Everything You Want is On the Other Side of Fear.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear inspirational quotes quote design typographic design type typography

This well-known quote is delightfully laid out in an intriguing way that will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone. 

72. Checklist

Working on your most important and personal projects should be the first thing you check off your to-do list. 

73. Bedouin by Circular

If the design doesn’t inspire you the story behind it will. Check it out here.

74. Field

This design will inspire you to let your design elements overlap. Imagine what innovative ideas you can come up with.

75. CSGO User Interface Dashboard

This is one for all those gamer designers that need some help coming up with some fresh design ideas. 

76. Grabient  

Get inspired by these colorful gradient ideas. 

77.Mobile App- Mindfulness

Stay calm and design on. This app features a number of animated designs and will remind you to focus on the most important things. The creativity will just begin to flow. 

78. Bogo Apps/Web Site Design

This colorful layout will inspire you to look for ways to add some vibrant yellows, red, and blues into your next project. 

79. Mobil App- Crypto Wallet

This is another one of those well-planned designs that turns a mundane activity into something you are eager to try. 

80. Growing App

We love how each layout of this app just flows into the next. And is the perfect reminder that each new project and design you create is an opportunity to grow!

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