9 Beautiful Travel Videos to Watch on Youtube

best travel videos on youtube

Travel adventures around the world. See new environments through the eyes of creators with these epic travel videos. Discover cinematic universes and new exotic locations you’ve never seen before.

These travel highlight videos and vlogs will show you why you should book a flight. Take a trip. And document your exciting adventures! Cover photo credit: Nils Nedel

The Best Travel Videos on Youtube

Highlighting the best travel videos on Youtube. Watch cinematic masterpieces, highlight reels, and fun explorations from cool places across the globe.

Bali Adventure – Mikevisuals

Mikevisuals takes a trip to Bali to explore the island and the beaches there. This video Mikevisuals captures the stunning beaches, jungles, and caves of Bali ultimately creating a very beautiful recap of his trip with a music video style feel to it.

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In this video Martin Karner takes a trip to the Philippines with his girlfriend to take in the breathtaking scenery the country offers. In this video you will see the gorgeous coast and beaches that they swim in and will see some incredible shots of them swimming in the ocean with many different kinds of fishes. The music in gives this video a great vibe to it and makes you wish you were there right now.

Jay Alvarrez Summer 2016 (Alexis Ren)

Jay Alvarrez and model Alexis Ren highlight their trip around the world visiting three different countries that include Greece, Brazil, and Spain. In this video you will see their adventures from sky diving in Athens, Greece to swimming with sharks in Rio de Janerio, Spain. With multiple breathtaking shots around the country this travel highlight video is one everyone should see.

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Australia (travel video)

Zach Burnett takes a trip to down under to Australia and explores all the country has to offer. From the scenic mountain ranges to seeing the incredible wildlife that features the kangaroos and the koalas. This travel video explores the vast culture and scenery Australia has to offer.

Travel Highlights – USA Southwest- 4K

Alex Bladel travels across four states in thirty days, over 3000 miles. Alex visits many of the major iconic destinations the Southwest has to offer such as Death Valley, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. All of this is shot in a stunning 4K resolution making it an incredible travel highlight video.

California Travel Highlights 2018

This video features all the magnificent all the wonderful scenery California has to offer. Destinations that include Mt. Shasta and Big Spur and other wonderful spots such as the Mendocino Coast. This video highlights the beautiful scenery that California has to offer.

Busan Travel Highlight 2017

This travel video highlights a Busan, South Korea a place not often not explored in other travel highlight videos. Busan offers an exquisite coastline with islands that are begging to be explored. Busan, South Korea will be a major travel destination if videos like this keep highlighting this beautiful city.

Rocky Mountains | Travel Recap Video with Canon G7X

Misshollyho highlights the Rocky Mountains in her 2017 travel recap video. This video features the vast snowy mountains and the quite peaceful scenery the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

Hong Kong Travel Video | Shot on iPhone

This travel video features the bustling streets of Hong Kong and explores all the various cultures of Hong Kong. The most incredible part of this video is that it is all shot on an iPhone X.

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