12 FREE Fonts for Motion Designers

12 FREE Fonts for Motion Graphics Designers - FilterGrade

More and more marketing plans are incorporating videos and motion graphics into their campaigns as visual marketing continues to expand and grow. Seeing how videos are able to capture and maintain viewers attention more quickly and for longer periods of time, it should be no surprise. While short video clips can capture attention, how can you ensure that the viewer really sees the text and understand what the video is all about? It isn’t enough just to have a seamless video play – the text plays a vital role as well. Choosing the right font can either heighten the mood and drive home the message or it can go unnoticed and be completely forgotten about.

Below you will find 12 of the best, FREE, eye-catching fonts that can help boost your content and grab viewers attention. Not only are these all highly versatile and stunning fonts but they can also be obtained for free.

Best Free Fonts For Motion Designers


This font style can cover all your marketing content needs. It comes equipped with 18 different styles that range from thin to black. You can give it a try for free here.

Circus Display

If you are looking for something unique and eye-catching this is the font you will want to consider. It perfectly meshes vintage and classical charm in a playful typeface. This can be a great option for various marketing aspects such as logos, banners and web projects. It offers two distinct styles; one regular and one strip with the option to edit freely. Download it free here.


This font is a simple sans serif font that has more rounded corners that traditional sans serif. It features all capital letters. It is designed by Alejo Bergmann you can get it here.

Bobby Jones Font

This font offers a lot of variety. You can get it in soft, soft and round, and outlined and there are a total of 16 unique styles. This isn’t the font for the perfectionist. Its edges are rough, outlines irregular and a little off-center but it is one that will grab attention despite its imperfections. Download it here.


Created by Stefano Gilberti this is a great font for logos, texts, headlines and more. It offers five weights starting at extra light and going up to extra bold the Anodina font is symmetrical with a classic feel.


This bold stencil font is perfect for a number of marketing products. This font is brought to you by Ahsancomp Studio and can give your motion design project an edge, strong and bold feel. Download it here.

Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night s a stunning signature script that features large capitals with elegant signature style. It is perfect to add a more personal touch to your videos and more.


This is one font that absolutely offers it all. It features 7 fonts total that comes together to create modern looks or vintage style. Its multiple layers and 3D effect makes this the ideal font for a variety of projects where you want to make a bold statement. Get the Fixer Font here


Briberra was designed by Sarid Ezra. It’s a stylistic letter script that is bold and versatile and adds elegance and adventure to your content. It can be utilized in a number of ways download it here.

Free Fat Font

The name says it all this is a heavyweight font that is perfect for making a big impression. It offers a number of unique characters and is also available in a slanted version. You can find this great font here.


This is an ultra-thin round font style by Craft Supply Co. It offers a balance of geometry and opticals can come in 6 styles including italic, thin, bold and others. This font is suitable for various content texts in videos and more. Download it here.


Understock is the ultimate vintage font. It takes the classic vintage serif and puts a little flare into it which different characters and styles. This is one font that will stand out and you can get it here.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried out any of these amazing, FREE fonts – and if you have tried them out, let us know what you think and how you used it in your project!

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