9 Unique Lightroom Preset Bundles for the Winter

*Featured - 9 Unique Lightroom Preset Bundles for the Winter - FilterGrade

Have an overload of photos from the winter? Don’t even worry about that, the more photos, the more memories! Whether you’re shooting portraits with your friends, going hiking in the mountains to capture some beautiful landscapes, or just taking in the fun times around you, these winter filters can help you enhance your images and bring subjects to life. :)

Start editing your photos with these nine incredible and unique winter-themed Lightroom Preset bundles to help save time, create magic, and stun your friends with some amazing edits.

Without any more waiting, let’s take a look at the most unique Lightroom Preset bundles for the Winter!

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1. VancityWild Winter Escape Lightroom Presets

VancityWild 3 Winter Escape Lightroom Presets

To start off your winter edits, check out these insane snowy Lightroom Presets created by the duo at VancityWild!

VancityWild 5 Winter Escape Lightroom Presets


During the winter months, the conditions are quite unique and can make editing a fun challenge. These presets will help you neutralize the light and add cool colors to your photography. These filters will work best on photos shot in cold, frigid, or snow filled environments.

Begin your cold-tone edits today with these presets from VancityWild.




                                                                                              Also, feel free to check out their web-store as well, where you can find some cool items like this Crewneck to keep you warm in the wintertime!


2. Frauke Hagen Wanderlust Lightroom Presets

Frauke Hagen 4 Wanderlust Lightroom Presets

The next bundle of Hiver-inspired Lightroom Presets comes to us from the wonderful travel and lifestyle photographer, Frauke Hagen.

Frauke Hagen 3 Bear Lightroom Presets

Frauke’s presets are perfect for the winter time, no matter what you’re shooting – friends, landscapes, or just objects. :)


Frauke Hagen 1 Bear Lightroom Presets



Whatever you’re shooting, be sure to check out Frauke Hagen’s Wanderlust Lightroom Presets out this winter!


3. Max Muench Lightroom Presets

5 muenchmax lightroom presets - filtergrade marketplace

This next preset bundle comes to us from the legendary German photographer and co-founder of German Roamers, Max Muench.

1 muenchmax lightroom presets - filtergrade marketplace

Max has been shooting all across the German countryside and beyond for many years and you are able to see it in his presets. With beautiful tones and incredible curves, Max’s presets will help out in any winter-editing situation!

3 muenchmax lightroom presets - filtergrade marketplace

Start your travel and landscape edits from the colder months with these awesome filters from Max Muench.



4. Nathael Labat Lightroom Presets

4 Soft tones - Nathael Labat Lightroom Presets - Nathael Labat Photography at French Folks - FilterGrade Digital Marketplace

When winter hits, you may not see snow, but you can feel the air and you can see a difference in the atmosphere. With these presets from Nathael Labat, you can truly see that winter-atmosphere whether there is snow or not!

6 Natural Light - Nathael Labat Lightroom Presets - Nathael Labat Photography at French Folks - FilterGrade Digital Marketplace

Nathael is also a member of the French Folks community where he is able to travel and capture incredible imagery to help him create these Lightroom Presets. Whether you’re beginner or advanced, Nathael’s presets are sure to helpyou out, especially in the winter time.

3 Snow Vibes - Nathael Labat Lightroom Presets - Nathael Labat Photography at French Folks - FilterGrade Digital Marketplace



Check out Nathael Labat’s presets to help edit your landscapes into cool, crisp Winter images.

5. Jannik Obenhoff Lightroom Presets

moody sunrise lightroom presets by jannik obenhoff

The next Winter bundle on our list comes from the talented, young photographer, Jannik Obenhoff.

clean colors lightroom presets

Jannik is a 17 year-old German photographer capturing the elements and beauty that range across the European countryside. His presets work great not only on your landscapes, but also help to add a a touch of clarity to your photos with subjects.


star lightroom presets


                                                                                          Start editing your winter tones with Jannik’s incredible Lightroom filters!




6. Dmitry Shukin Lightroom Presets

Iceland Cold - Dmitry Shukin Lightroom Presets - FilterGrade

Mountain + Lake - Dmitry Shukin Lightroom Presets - FilterGradeThis next bundle of Lightroom Presets was put together by travel and adventure photographer Dmitry Shukin. This diverse range of presets will help you add natural, clean colors to your landscape and adventure photography work, as well as clean up and add moody tones to your portraits!

Dmitry’s presets are all unique and they’re not all for winter, which means what you don’t use during the winter time, you can save for the next season. :)

Warm and Cozy - Dmitry Shukin Lightroom Presets - FilterGrade




Start improving your editing with these filters from Dmitry Shukin.


7. Niklas Soderlund Lightroom Presets

24 Niklas Soderlund Lightroom Presets - FilterGrade Marketplace

These next winter-themed presets were created by the talented photographer, Niklas Söderlund. After shooting 24 Niklas Soderlund Lightroom Presets - FilterGrade Marketplaceadventure and landscapes photos for quite some time, Niklas has put together a wonderful pack of nature presets for you to use.

Niklas’ presets will help you to create enriched tones in your photography work, and give your photos an overall light feel. They are great for landscapes and getting those soft faded shadows in your photos.

24 Niklas Soderlund Lightroom Presets - FilterGrade Marketplace

Speed up your editing process with these incredible presets from Niklas Söderlund.

8. Honza Rehacek Winter Lightroom Presets

winter lightroom presets

Another beautiful set of winter filters in this bundle, created by outdoor photographer Honza Rehacek. These presets are custom built for wintry scenes and foggy photos to help emphasize that brisk, cold winter air.

moody fog lr presetsHonza shoots tons of landscapes, things he finds in nature, and other scenic photos which is why he has created these awesome Lightroom Presets.

fog nature lightroom presets

Get the perfect winter-tones with these custom made Lightroom filters from Honza Rehacek.

9. Lyes Kachaou Lightroom Presets

nature effects for adobe lightroom

The last, but certainly not least, bundle of winter Lightroom Presets comes to us from the French photographer, Lyes Kachaou who is also a member of the French Folkslyesk lightroom presets

Lyes is an outdoor photographer and loves to shoot impressive mountainous landscapes, especially when the lighting is perfect. His editing style is unique to others and provides “airy” filters to help create the perfect tones. :)

scenic landscape lightroom presets 

Get started editing today with these beautiful outdoor presets from Lyes Kachaou.

With all these different winter-themed Lightroom Presets you should be ready to get out into the fresh air and shoot so you can put your new filters to good use! Whether you’re shooting on a hiking trip in the cold snow, shooting with friends, or just some cozy lifestyle photos, these presets are sure to enhance and emphasize your photos.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to let us know in the comments so we can continue to help find the best Lightroom Presets for you! :)

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