Macphun Aurora HDR Photo Editing Software

Learn more about Aurora HDR Photo Editing Software for Mac. Made by the talented folks at Macphun.

If you need an easy solution for creating HDR effects, Macphun’s Aurora HDR Photo Editing Software is a great option. Provided with a simple design featuring advanced editing tools for all photographers, this is a fantastic product from Macphun and Trey Ratcliff.

Aurora HDR for Mac.

This program is easy to use so even a beginner photographer can use it, while it is also capable of heavy editing processes for advanced photographers.

Aurora HDR is a collaboration photo editing software project between Macphun and world-famous photographer Trey Ratcliff. Trey is known by photographers around the globe for his amazing HDR Photography and for capturing fascinating details in his pictures. Macphun has taken his high quality HDR style and asked for his expert input to develop an amazing software. His work and Macphun’s have come together to create the simplest, most dynamic HDR Photography Editing Software on Mac, Aurora HDR.

HDR photo editing software.

Aurora HDR photo editing software for Mac users.

Aurora HDR is simple to use for all photographers, yet is also capable of handling all the powerful editing tasks including multiple layers with high quality clarity, detail, and structure controls. Start by importing your image with a high quality, fast RAW processor.

After that the options to enhance your photo are endless. Add multiple layers with different textures or patterns, adjust the dozens of smart color controls to get the perfect tones you are looking for, or blend layers and colors to create the perfect masterpiece. You can also browse through the wide range of presets in the software to help quickly and easily get the perfect HDR filter.

With presets for all styles of photography, anyone can find a simple, yet effective edit right away with this program. Aurora HDR photo editing software also has 60+ other tools and devices to help you get the perfect look you are trying to find.

hdr photo filters

hdr photo editing

hdr software for photographers

With crystal clear, pixel perfect HDR noise reduction and plug-in support from Aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop, Aurora HDR is efficient and effective for all photographers with a Mac.

Compatible with multiple different apps and programs means being efficient and productive all on one, beautiful platform to work in. This will help you stay productive and on task as an editor so that you can get your project done quickly and smoothly.

aurora hdr for mac

The perfect, easy to use photo editing software workflow for all photographers including a versatile experience for advanced editing or simple touch-ups. Anyone can use Aurora HDR and it’s simple to learn, check out the Aurora HDR Tutorial: Quick Workflow. This tutorial will help you learn the basic knowledge and interface of the program and will give you an example of how to edit or what process to work through if you are a beginner editor.

hdr software

After watching the tutorial, you’ll be able to start creating high quality edits right away!

With all the free training and education, a 30-day money back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support, Macphun is an incredible deal for photographers new and advanced. Download and try out Macphun Aurora HDR Photo Editing Software today.

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