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Summer is right around the corner and adventures are so close! Before the summer starts, make sure you know the best adventure spots so you can plan ahead.

In this article, we’re going to show you some of the best places to visit in the Northeast United States during the summer. This region includes New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Whether you are looking for nature or urban adventures, we’ve got you covered. So plan your trips and pack your bags, the next step is adventure! Discover the best summer activities in New England and the Northeast here.

New Hampshire

Home to many mountains, hiking trails, beautiful lakes, and winter time ski resorts, New Hampshire is an outdoor explorer’s dream. Behold vast lands and scenic views that will be sure not to disappoint.

Lake Winnipesauke

The largest lake in New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesauke is a scenic Northeastern lake that’s about 21 miles long and between one and nine miles wide. Including various bays, harbors, and islands, this beautiful lake is one you must visit if you are in New Hampshire.

The Various 4,000 Footers

All across New Hampshire there are tons of mountains exceeding 4,000 feet in height with incredible views and beautiful valleys. Be sure to check out some of the most popular ones including Mount Carrigain, Carter Dome, and Wildcat Mountain.

The Appalachian Mountains Stretch

Another incredible adventure for those of you who like mountains, the Appalachian Mountains. These wondrous mountains stretch from Maine to Georgia and have incredible hikes and trails throughout the mountain chain including some really good hikes in New Hampshire.


The most Northeastern state of them all, Maine is beautiful and filled with some incredible nature wonders. Including Gulf Hagas, Table Rock, and more, Maine is a great state to visit for hiking and outdoor adventure and just short distance to Canada.


Gulf Hagas

Gulf Hagas is a part of the Appalachian Mountain corridor and managed by the National Parks Service. Quite far from hospitals and any help, Gulf Hagas is known to be a slippery trail and somewhat dangerous so explore with caution.

Table Rock Trail

This is a lightly traveled trail that loops around the Table Rock Mountain and offers a grand view of the Grafton Notch Mountains. This is known to be a trail for experienced hikers and offers only two paths – steep and more steep.

Table Rock, Maine - FilterGrade Blog

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Featuring the Fisherman’s Museum on the first floor and a rentable apartment on the second floor, this location is a well sought out location with an incredible view. Located in the entrance of Muscongus and John Bay, the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is definitely a sight to see!


Known for being a big producer of maple syrup, Vermont is actually the second least populated state, just in front of Wyoming. For freedom, mountains, and open air, visit Vermont.

Mount Mansfield

Known for being the tallest mountain in Vermont, Mount Mansfield sits pretty at 4,393 feet above sea level. Mount Mansfield is also only one out of three locations in Vermont to still have true alpine tundras (~200 acres worth) that have been around since the Ice Age.

Mount Philo State Park

This beautiful state park is a great outdoor adventure if you are traveling in Vermont. Providing views of Adirondack Mountains, Lake Champlain, and many other natural wonders, Mount Philo State Park must be on your Vermont sights to see.

New York

Not much is needed to be said about New York, but we’ll still review some of the highlights just in case! New York’s many attractions include Times Square, Central Park, Soho, Battery Park, and many many more. Be sure to plan ahead before your trip to try and cover as much territory as possible. From lifestyle to portraits and even some nature, New York has endless opportunities for adventure.

New york

Central Park

Iconic, beautiful, timeless. Central Park is an incredible park right in the heart of New York City. Stretching 843 acres wide, this park is one of the most filmed locations in the world and is the perfect place to get back to nature when you are tired of the big city.

Central Park, New York City - FilterGrade Blog

Times Square

Another timeless attraction, Times Square is in Midtown Manhattan stretching from 42nd to West 47th street. Known for its tourist attractions and giant advertisements, Times Square is the perfect attraction for urban explorers!

Times Square, New York City - FilterGrade Blog

Lower East Side

Located in the Southern part of Manhattan, the Lower East Side (LES) is a beautiful working class neighborhood that has become quite gentrified and is now much more cleaned up than in previous years. This neighborhood, along with many others in NYC, is definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

Canal Street

Soho – Fashion District

The fashion district of New York City is a wonderful place is you are into style, culture, or anything along those lines. Located in the southern part of Manhattan, nearby to the Lower East Side, SoHo is a an amazing place to hang out in the summer. Depending on the time you are there, check to see if there are any fashion shows going on as well, this could be a great opportunity for photos.


Battery Park

This New York City  park is an incredible place to relax and unwind after a long, tiring day in the city. With incredible views from the southern tip of Manhattan and much less people around than in the city, you will feel like the world is moving slower here.

Battery Park

New Jersey

Another beautiful state of the Northeastern region, New Jersey is home to many New York City workers and New Englanders. New Jersey is known for being the birthplace of the lightbulb and also the record player in a Menlo Park Laboratory, invented by Thomas Edison. Along side this, New Jersey is also known for their fresh corn and blueberries, which are perfect in the summer!


Newark is the most populated city in the state of New Jersey and has a unique culture and feel. It’s also the second largest city in New York’s metropolitan area, located about 10 miles away from Manhattan.


Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island, or better known as LBI, is a barrier island right off the coast of New Jersey. Connected by only one bridge, this home away from home is an island destination for many New Jersey & New York residents. Filled with miles of beaches and incredible bay lookouts, LBI is a great coastal stop to make along the North East.


George Washington Bridge

Another great location in New Jersey can be found on your way into New York – the George Washington Bridge. This illustrious bridge is humongous and can be captured in endless angles. This is an urban photographer’s dream and will be a fun, challenging subject to shoot.


One of the first states, and also one of the most scenic – Massachusetts and it’s historic feel will be sure to impress. Unlike many other cities throughout America, Massachusetts’ main city, Boston, is well known for its Italian and Irish demographic and also known for the amazing colleges and universities throughout the city including Harvard and MIT.


Downtown Boston

Home to some of the countries best historical monuments and oldest buildings, downtown Boston is a quaint city that you must visit if you are in the North East. Although much smaller than New York City, Boston has many sections and some incredible restaurants, museums, and businesses.


The Boston Garden

A perfect summertime adventure, the Boston Garden is bright, beautiful, and very well kept. Home to the George Washington Monument and rows on rows of flowers, the Boston Garden is at peak beauty in the Spring/Summer during its bloom.

Wachusett Reservoir

The Wachusett Reservoir is a vast body of water saved for drinking and limited fishing. This reservoir is located in central Massachusetts and is home to many incredible nature and landscape views. With various churches, train tracks, and parts to the reservoir, this is a great adventure for someone looking for nature scenery.

The North End

Back to the city, the North End is home to Boston’s best Italian restaurants, families, and culture. The old red brick walls cover the streets of the North End and the aromas from the restaurants will coat your nostrils. Also, don’t miss out on the North End’s Italian festivals all throughout the month of August and be sure to get a cannoli from the famous Mike’s Pastries when you stop by!

Cape Cod

Known for being a beautiful coastal town on the edge of Massachusetts, the Cape is home to many New Englanders for the summer months and has various beaches with some stellar views. Also including incredible seafood, lobster tails, crab legs and more, the cape is a great summer time destination for the North East.


Including 5 cities and surrounded by 6 states and a lake, Pennsylvania is another historic state with a story. From nature to city, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer including their views and trails of the Appalachian Mountain Chain along with over 100 coastal miles along Lake Eerie.


The Pocono Mountains

Overlooking the Delaware River and bordered by Lake Wallenpaupack, the Poconos are vast and gorgeous. These incredible mountains alongside the Allegheny Plateau is a popular recreational area for many nearby city residents

Independence Hall

An American masterpiece and very important historical landmark, Independence Hall is where the United Stated Declaration and Constitution was discussed and brought in. It is also the centerpiece for the Independence National Historical Park featuring some incredible sights.



Although the only state without a National Park, Delaware has 14 State Parks and 3 Sate forests offering a variety of hiking and camping adventures for this summer.


Brandywine Creek State Park

Brandywine contains 14 miles of trails for hikers and explorers of all ages. With tons of northeastern nature surrounding you and a summer breeze in the air, this State Park is a perfect summertime adventure.

Ashland Nature Center

The Ashland Nature Center contains 130 acres of marshes, streams, and woods and serves as Delaware Nature Society’s headquarters. With endless activities and exhibits at the nature center, this is an amazing nature and outdoors adventure.

Rhode Island

Well-known for being the smallest state in America, Rhode Island may not be big, but the opportunity for adventure is. Including various coastal views and historic cities throughout the state, Rhode Island is a beautiful, quaint state.



Newport is an incredible summer town filled with resorts for New Englanders and travelers and is also famous for its mansions. Also, as it is right along the water, Newport is an incredible culinary town offering high end seafood and much more.


One of the oldest cities in the United States and also the capital of Rhode Island, Providence was one of the first cities to industrialize giving it a more modern look compared to neighboring towns and cities.

Block Island North Lighthouse

This historic lighthouse in Rhode Island was originally built in 1829 and was then remade three more times to what it is now, which was built out of granite and iron in 1867. Right along the water, this attraction is a perfect summer adventure and offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets..


This coastal state in New England is known for being the third smallest state and home to many New York commuters. Connecticut is also a beautiful, historical state along the Atlantic Ocean with many beach homes and summer houses.

Elizabeth Park

Beautiful Elizabeth Park is a botanical heaven in Hartford. The Garden has four points including the garden/farmstead, the east lawn, the pond area, and the western loop and they are sure to put you in awe.

Talcott Mountain State Park

Home to the Heublein Tower, an illustrious, 165-foot tower on top of Talcott Mountain. This Connecticut State Park is a great place for picnics, scoping out views, and light hiking for everyone!

We hope your summer is filled with incredible adventures wherever life takes you. Be sure to share this article with your friends and let them know the best adventures of the summer in the Northeast United States! Also, stay tuned for more adventure ideas and fun trips for the summer.

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    I have a good experience of Talcott Mountain State Park because I have been there several times in my whole life and always spent lovely time with my friends and family members/. In my point of view it is a perfect place to enjoy summer season.

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