Adventures in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Exploring Colorado. Beautiful views from our adventures in the Rocky Mountains.

This past year I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world for various projects. From documenting New York Fashion Week to visiting the Louvre in Paris, I’ve had the chance to see quite a bit.

For this adventure, I went somewhere a little different though.

The vast and elevated landscapes of Colorado. Specifically Breckenridge, where the mountains and trails for exploring are abundant. I was visiting with family and during our adventures we were greeted with mountain goats and ground hogs. We crossed fast moving rapids and climbed rocky cliffs. One day, we even went white water rafting! Unfortunately we didn’t have a water proof camera to capture the epic flips that one of the boats took. (luckily it wasn’t mine haha)

Below you’ll find photos from various points on our trip. See the Rocky Mountains, friendly animals we met on the mountains, and more of Colorado’s beautiful scenic landscapes.

colorado adventures

Trekking down the mountain. This was the view I had as we were climbing down the last slope of sharp rocks leading up to the river. Both ways, I managed to get my feet soaked, but the river was relatively easy to cross. It just required a few jumps from slippery rocks.

Colorado Rocky Mountains

The gorgeous layers of Colorado. I loved looking up to this view as we were moving along the mountains.

mountain goats in breckenridge, colorado

A family of mountain goats roaming the rocks. It was cool to see these wild creatures up so close. At one point, the baby mountain goat crossed the river and sort of inspected us. Then while I wasn’t paying attention the goat charged at us and jumped across the river, only to sprint up the hill after it’s parents.

colorado rocky mountains cars for scale

The vastness of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Check out the white minivan at the bottom left for scale.

water flowing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

colorado nature landscape

Sun peaking through the mountain range.

colorado mountain and valley views

up in the mountains

Way up in the mountains. Taking in the lush greenery and the many layers Colorado had to offer.

When we started our hike up, it was very windy and overcast. Once we got to this level (about 2000 ft. up) the wind started to die down and the sun came out. It was surreal. Look at all of those colors!



layers of trees

colorado wilderness

taking pictures in Colorado

Just documentin’.

colorado wilderness


morning light in Colorado

Late morning light in the mountains.

biking in Colorado

Biking down the mountains in Colorado.

Valley in Colorado

trees in the valley

Views from the valley. Coming from the city, seeing this much nature was overwhelming. In a good way. I can’t stop thinking about it now that I’m back.

lush forest greens

Forest greens.

mountains and cliffs Colorado

car driving in Colorado wilderness

Driving on the rocky mountain roads.

shooting film in Colorado

Matt shooting film in the valley. Here is one of the photos he developed from Red Rocks outside of Denver, Colorado.

Colorado Breckenridge

travel photography Colorado

beautiful waterfall in Colorado

This was my first time truly exploring mountains and mountain ranges, and I really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be returning soon.

Where are you traveling to next? Leave a comment below. Would love to hear your travel stories.

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