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We’re back with another freebie and this week it’s even better than ever! We’ve been cooped up working on some new video edits for a few music projects and we’ve been putting together some clean warm tone video LUTs, and we wanted to be able to give back to the community so you can try them out on your videos as well :)

To learn more about the FREE Warm Tone Video LUTs, keep reading below and find the previews/download!

What’s in the FREE Warm Tone LUTs Pack?

When you download the FREE Warm Tone Video LUTs pack, you’ll get 3 FREE LUTs that are perfect for grading music videos and tropical short films!

With these warm tone LUTs you’ll be able to transform your footage from cool, dull colors to bright, warm tone colors in no time! Plus, don’t forget that these LUTs and only a base to start from. All footage is unique and lit differently, so be sure to apply the base LUT and then make your scene-to-scene adjustments after to make sure everything is colored perfectly and congruent throughout the whole project.

The LUTs included in the pack are both .cube and .look format, and work best in Adobe Premiere Pro. Download the FREE Video LUTs below :)

Video: Moloney Creative Agency | Artist: TOBI

For help with installing and using your Video LUTs, check out this tutorial below:

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  1. Su Hall says:

    Thank you kindly!

    1. Mike says:

      We always appreciate your comments Su. Thanks so much <3

  2. Fortforgust says:

    Thank you so much

    1. Mike says:

      Thank you Fortforgust! :)

  3. Daniel Gomez says:

    I can’t find the link to download! :c

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