Galti: Galtiscopio SS18 New York Fashion Week

Galtiscopio SS18 Runway Show at New York Fashion Week

Parisian watch label Galtiscopio recently debuted their Spring/Summer ’18 Collection at New York Fashion Week with special performances from Ray-J and King Combs.

Included in the line were a multitude of lengthy, elegant dresses with sheer and shimmery designs. Not only limited to their endearing watches, Galtiscopio also incorporated many other fine accessories including sleek and shiny 90’s-style over-the-ear headphones, many intricate bracelets, and beautiful encrusted hair clips to bring the models’ outfits together.

The designs were polished and pristine, and they also featured a wide range of colors throughout the show. From deep, romantic reds to ocean blues and even on to heroic golds, the brand’s timeless label continues to strive for prosperity. In their own words, “If only, everyone in the world could have a watch that allowed them to not worry about being confined to time…”

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Ray-J performing live at New York Fashion Week September 2017

Ray-J performs live at new york fashion week galtiscopio ss18

galtiscopio ss18 runway fashion

galtiscopio fashion runway

galtiscopio ss18 fashion

galtiscopio runway presentation at new york fashion week

galti ss18 nyfw

galtiscopio model

galtiscopio filtergrade coverage ss18 new york fashion week

galtiscopio headphones ss18 style

galtiscopio filtergrade coverage ss18new york fashion week galtiscopio ss18


galtiscopio fashion

galtiscopio runway show ss18 nyfw

galtiscopio dresses ss18

galtiscopio dresses ss18

galtiscopio dress

galtiscopio ss18 nyfw

galtiscopio accessories ss18 nyfw

galtiscopio by galti

Galtiscopio Designer Runway

Galti by Galtiscopio ss18

What was your favorite look from the Galtiscopio SS18 Runway Show? For us, the highlights were definitely the colorful and shimmering dresses.

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  1. Kat says:

    Interesting collection. I wish Ray J was wearing something better than that

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