Inspiring Hand Lettering Over Photography

Inspiring Hand Lettering Over Photography

Hand lettering is one of my favorite forms of design. It involves so many different skills and practices that I just can’t get enough of it. I enjoy many forms of typography. Handwritten, print, and even mixed media works. My favorite by far, though, is hand lettering over photography. It’s something about the mix of design and photographical composition that just inspires me.

In this post I wanted to find the best hand lettering with photography on the web. I took to every avenue of inspiration I could find.

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I hope that shows in the work below. If you feel compelled, share this to inspire your friends. See more hand lettering work edited with FilterGrade on our Instagram.

Hand Lettering by Anton Gorbunuv

Step Inside by Anton Gorbunuv.

hand drawn typography

Invest in Greater by SimonAndMoose.

typography hand lettering

Your Ship Will Come In by Adam Francis.

hand lettering over photography

Feel Epic by Ian Barnard.

Beauty Hand Lettering

Beauty Starts Within by Stefan Kunz.

hand lettered typography design

Stay Positive by Zachary Smith.

hand lettered text

Take Heart by Sean Tulgetske.
typography hand lettered
Patience by Ian Barnard.

retro hand lettering

We Raced the Sunset by Joshua Phillips.

Ian Barnard Hand Lettering

Mountain Air by Ian Barnard.

Yosemite Hand Lettering

Yosemite by Sean Tulgetske.

Zachary Smith Typography

Stay Focused by Zachary Smith.

Joshua Phillips Hand Lettering over Photography

Better than Yesterday by Joshua Phillips.

create hand lettering

Create by Ian Barnard.

hand lettered type inspiration

Done is Better than Perfect by Sarah Dayan.

hand lettered quotes

Honour Over Glory by Anton Gorbunuv.

typography and photography

Beijing by Dave Coleman.

gorgeous calligraphy inspiration

Failure is Success in Progress by Ian Barnard.

Stefan Kunz Hand Lettering over Photography

We Are Travellers by Stefan Kunz.

Typography by Sarah Dayan

Monday by Sarah Dayan.

Beautiful Typography Work

Oviedo by Dave Coleman.

Sea Hand Lettering

I left my soul down by the Sea by Ian Barnard.

The Truth Typography

The Truth by SimonAndMoose.

Hand Lettering over Photography

Ponte De Lima by Dave Coleman.

Daybreaker Collective Logo

Daybreaker Collective by Zane Kaiser.

Vintage Hand Lettering

Field & Stream Outfitters by Zane Kaiser.

Hand Lettering Work

Stand With Me by Stefan Kunz.

Sean Tulgetske Hand Lettering

Refresh by Sean Tulgetske.

These are just a handful of the many talented hand letterers and type designers we could find. Who is your favorite hand letterer on the web? Comment below so we can see more amazing hand lettering over photography.

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