Introducing Lightroom Presets by FilterGrade!

lightroom presets

Lightroom is an incredible program. With it you can edit, enhance, and perfect your photos seamlessly across multiple platforms (even mobile devices now!). Keeping all of this in mind, we knew it was imperative that we built filters for Lightroom.

Today we are proud to announce Lightroom Presets by FilterGrade!

Initial Products

FilterGrade Lightroom Preset Starter Kit

To start our epic journey into Lightroom, we built the Lightroom Preset Starter Kit. This is our first set of Lightroom Presets created to help you improve the efficiency of your photo editing workflow.

The Starter Kit Includes:

  • 25 Starter Lightroom Presets
  • Realistic light, color, and tonal adjustments.
  • Six levels of fine and coarse grain.
  • Eight unique pastel tones.
  • Base curve adjustments and exposure tweaks.
  • Three exclusive bonus presets for full looks.

With the Starter Kit you can get the right look faster. This isn’t meant to replace your post-processing style, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Using these Presets, you can get the look you’re after with ease.

matte lightroom presets

Learn more about the FilterGrade Lightroom Preset Starter Kit.

Going Forward

faded lightroom presets

In the coming months, we are planning on producing a ton of Lightroom Presets ranging from film effects to presets for wedding photography. We also plan to write tutorials, inspirational posts, and other guides for Lightroom.

To do this we need a bit of your help though! If you have some time, please leave a comment below answering these questions:

  • What kinds of Lightroom Presets would you like to see on FilterGrade?
  • What tutorials and guides about Lightroom would you like to see on FilterGrade?
  • Which photographers inspire you?

Thanks for your time! We hope you love the Lightroom Presets and cannot wait to continue helping you improve your photo editing process. Have a question or some feedback? We want to hear from you! Send us a quick note.

2 Replies to “Introducing Lightroom Presets by FilterGrade!”

  1. MAKTO FUKUDA says:

    Please continue to develop original presets.

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Makto, you can find the latest presets added to FilterGrade here:

      New, original presets are added by creators every week!

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