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The Mini Collection – Free Photoshop Actions

Free Photoshop Actions Mini Collection from FilterGrade

Everyone loves a freebie once in a while, right? Today I am excited to share a great pack of free photoshop actions with you.

The FilterGrade Mini Collection is a sweet little pack we made to give everyone a sample of our products. It has some amazing free retro Photoshop actions, a free kit of light leaks, and some free vintage Photoshop brushes.

It is great for adding vintage effects to your photos and designs, creating light leaks on the fly, and touching up some vintage designs with scratchy brushes.

FilterGrade Photoshop Actions Bundle

Want all 220 stunning photoshop actions we have to offer?

Check out the FilterGrade Bundle today!




The Mini Collection includes:

  • 10 Retro Photoshop Actions.
  • 5 Light Leak Photoshop Actions.
  • A cool pack of vintage scratchy brushes.


With the Mini Collection you can quickly add beautiful vintage effects to your photos. We take all the work out of adding realistic light leaks to your work in seconds. To top it all off, we’ve included some vintage textures you can add to your photos with our scratchy brush set. You’re sure to have a good time editing your photos with the Mini Collection!


Curious about our licensing? Learn more here: FilterGrade File Licenses


Here are some more preview images:

free photoshop actions 1 from FilterGrade

free photoshop actions 2 from FilterGrade

free photoshop actions 3 from FilterGrade

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Download the Mini Collection here:


Be sure to visit our shop to see all of our premium photoshop actions.

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42 thoughts on “The Mini Collection – Free Photoshop Actions

  1. Hello. I downloaded your free actions yesterday and while they are quite lovely, the first ‘base’ action has some steps that don’t work in CS3. It tries to make a few adjustment layers that are obviously functions CS3 do not have. You state that they are CS3 compatible and I was interested in buying the complete bundle but obviously I don’t want to waste money if I can’t actually use a handful of the actions. Any way of tweaking them or at least breaking down the actions a little so I know what adjustment layer I can use to compensate (since it comes up with ‘unknown’ when I run it)

    I tried to send this through your contact form but it kept giving me an error message and asking me to contact you some other way.

    • Hey Rebecca. Thanks for the comment. I’m going to retest the actions soon, and I’ll make sure they are fully compatible with CS3.

      Unfortunately I tried to email you and it said that the email was invalid or non-existent, could you reply making sure your email is correct?

      I just fixed the contact form, sorry for the error it was improperly registered! All fixed now though.

      Thanks, I’ll be in touch soon :)

      – Mike

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