The Salt in Our Hair Interview

The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

Salt in our Hair is an award-winning travel blog featuring beautiful photography, travel tips and travel guides based on Nick and Hannah’s travel experiences around the world.

1 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

Nick and Hannah have been passionate travelers and photographers since May of 2016 and have been continuing to travel further and push new limits since. Read more about their adventures below!

Tell us a little bit about your childhood and background. Where did you both meet?

We both grew up in quiet small villages near each other in the southwest of the Netherlands, went to the same University but never met. A little over 5 years ago in an underground rave party, charming isn’t it? We quickly noticed that we both loved creative work as I (Nick) was a web developer and Hannah a graphic designer.

1 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

When did each of you start shooting? Did you encourage each other to start shooting?

We both started shooting when Hannah finished school, which was a year after being together. We decided to travel for four months (November 2015) through Asia before we started saving for a house.

We chose Asia since we wanted a real culture shock and save money as we had a tiny budget.

8 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

A week before we left on that journey, we won a GoPro Hero 4 on an auction. This motivated us to start documenting our trip and post it on Instagram. Christian LeBlanc was our inspiration here, as he did these incredible vlogs on his GoPro. Nowadays, I (Nick) am the photographer and Hannah’s doing the editing.

Who are some of your inspirations and influences?

As said, Christian LeBlanc was our first motivation to even just post our photos on Instagram during that four month trip without the intentions. But once GoPro shared one of our photos on their Instagram, we gained some audience which motivated us to do better.

Right now, our top inspirations are Sam Kolder, MariefeandJakesnow, JordHammond, and a few more incredible accounts.

4 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

What kind of photography equipment did you use when you first started?

Our entire four-month journey, only a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

5 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

How has your equipment changed since your first started and what impact do you think equipment (camera, lens, etc…) has on a photographer? (ie: do you need to have a ‘good’ camera to be a ‘good’ photographer?)

Our gear has completely changed. I (Nick) am the photographer and knew exactly zero things about a camera. So I learned every single thing by doing and YouTube videos. Once I got all settings under control, we started upgrading so we could get higher quality photos for our blog.

Hannah and I think that our advantage is: Being Creative. No matter what camera you have, if you’re creative and innovative people will notice your stuff!

2 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

What made you start traveling so much?

After returning home from that four-month Asia journey, we got asked so many questions about how we get to certain locations that we started our own travel blog and shared all details in travel guides. Once we noticed that we loved making these guides with photography because of the positive feedback, we started traveling more.

7 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

What are some things you always make sure of when planning a photoshoot?

We always do good research about how we can get to a specific point. We plan the kind of photos & videos we want to take for both our blog and Instagram.

Where are some of your favorite locations to shoot?

We love architecture like temples and mosques and the tropics like at a stunning waterfall.

9 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

What is something inspiring that you have seen while traveling that was once in a lifetime?

Last year we got invited at the celebration of a 3-month old new-born in Bali. The family took so good care of us, we spent the night there and had two days to live in a world like no other filled with impressions.

3 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

Where do you hope to travel in the future?

That’s so difficult haha. We are super slow travelers and prefer to get to know a destination very well. So there is still a lot on our bucket list. Hawaii and Namibia are definitely two!

6 The Salt in Our Hair Interview - FilterGrade

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