Top 10 Cinematic Intros for Premiere Pro

When you’re video editing, you want to make an impression right away. And what better place than the intro? The intro to your video is like being introduced to a person for the first time; you really need to catch a viewer’s attention with a good-looking video intro. So with that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of 10 cinematic intros for Premiere Pro. These impressive intro templates are perfect for your dramatic and movie-like edits, and can elevate your project to the next level! Adobe video tools were used by over two-thirds of Sundance Film Festival films in 2022. This was the 5th year in a row that Adobe video editing tools were the most-used by Sundance filmmakers.

1. Grain Opener Premiere Pro Template

This dramatic and grainy Premiere Pro intro is perfect for a tense mystery or a modern drama. The example video above gives a great idea for a music choice, and it really showcases the kind of suspenseful and epic music needed to make this intro really stand out. The template is overall very simple, giving you the ability to change the text and take advantage of the grainy background lights and particle effects.

Download here

2. Cinematic Trailer Opener – Premiere Pro Template

This science-fiction trailer is evocative of doomsday and alien encounter movies. It has spaces for media, so you can showcase your movie or video with exciting footage. With a ton of motion graphics and animations, there’s no chance your viewers will get bored! And with the variety of scenes available, you’re sure to find a section of this template that works for you.

Download here

3. Bloodline Premiere Pro Template

Bloodline uses dynamic paint streaks to add a healthy dose of action to your videos. Highlight your actors or your channel’s features with these animated effects that collide to underscore your most important information. Just add a banging epic soundtrack to bring up the energy, and your viewers will be immersed in the quality of your intro.

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4. Movement of Action Premiere Pro Template

Is your content full of action? Then this Movement of Action intro template is going to be perfect for you. With light leaks and punchy animations for your media, you can really accentuate your action, especially by adding your own touches with speed ramping during the transitions.

Download here

5. Ink Opener Premiere Pro Template

Whether it’s a romance or a drama you’re trying to create an intro for, this Ink Opener really strikes a chord. The ink effects add a ton of visual interest and can be used to cleverly layer in your footage in their shapes. It’s a super cinematic effect that will impress people whether they see it in a web video or a movie.

Download here

6. Space Epic Opener (Premiere Pro)

For your sci-fi movies and tech videos, there is this Space Epic Opener! This cinematic intro for Premiere Pro is relatively simple, but very effective. It features a background of a starfield with a variety of abstract animations on the side and text with a cinematic lens flair to highlight it. There are plenty of choices of layouts in this template, so there will definitely be something for your project here.

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7. Projector Slideshow Premiere Pro Template

This antique-style slideshow projector template is a simple animated intro. It will work great for historical or science media, but is maybe most at home with crime or mystery content. It contains over 40 seconds of unique slides, so you can pick the ones that look best to you. The overlays really sell the effect. It’s simple, but the subtle effects perfectly encapsulate the look.

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8. Horror Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Get spooked with this atmospheric horror trailer title template. It’s full of horror-themed animations, text, and colors. It will help make any project look instantly creepy from the start! You can insert your own media to give the intro a personal look. If you like it as-is, just change the text and easily render the project.

Download here

9. Funny Intro Premiere Pro Template

This Premiere Pro intro is oozing with personality. It will make a great introduction to a comedy or even as great end credits. It’s a fun and lighthearted way of introducing a cast of characters at the start of a show. It may not be cinematic in the “dramatic” sense but it will be perfect for specific kinds of cinema!

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10. Cinematic Intro Slideshow

This simple template has video and text placeholders which, surrounded by animations, and adjust layers with colors. It also includes a tutorial with a voiceover, although the actual setup is really simple. This is a versatile cinematic intro that you could easily fit into any type of movie or video.

Download here

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