Top 12 Christmas LUTs Packs for Holiday Color Grading

Top 12 Christmas LUTs Packs

Christmas is almost here and it’s time to start preparing your holiday videos for the big day! People will be opening presents all around the world, so it’s important to capture those memories. Whether you are capturing your Christmas party, some winter activities like ice skating or skiing, or even just sneaking a clip of Santa, there are some LUTs for everyone on FilterGrade.

Want the best xmas videos possible? Get some Christmas LUTs!

In this roundup we are highlighting twelve of the very best lookup tables (LUTs packs) for color grading your holiday, winter, and Christmas videos. Featuring 100s of different unique LUTs that are specifically made for Christmas time. Cover photo by Alsu Vershinina.

Capture the most magical holiday of the year and then color grade it to look even more amazing. Find out more about LUTs in this informational article.

1. Christmas Time – 7 Xmas LUTs for Final Cut, Premiere Pro and more

Video and photo color grading LUTs for the holidays. Get 7 Christmas Looks for Filmmakers with this pack. Designed to preserve nice skin tones with precise corrections and smooth gradients.

2. 20 Christmas LUTs Pack

Quickly create an enchanted Christmas film grade using these LUTs with only a few clicks. Professional results for those holiday videos of Santa, presents, and warming up by the fire. :)

3. Christmas Joy Photoshop Actions And LUT Presets

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” “Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind. “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection. And more beautifully, these memories will be brighter and warmer in your photos and videos with the Christmas Joy LUTs pack!

4. 03 Christmas Photoshop Actions And LUT Presets

The perfect pack of bright and modern Christmas presets and LUTs for the most wonderful time of the year. Get a simple pack of three unique looks for your edits.

5. Winter Breeze Photoshop Actions And LUTs Presets

Looking for more blue tones and cold looks to make those winter photos frozen? This is the ideal pack of LUTs, PS actions, and ACR presets. These effects are frigid! Get three mesmerizing and chilly looks in this pack.

6. 35 Christmas Eve Photoshop Presets

If you need a bigger bundle of Christmas Eve LUTs, this is the best pack you’ll find. This bundle includes a whopping 35 looks for the holidays!

Elevate your holiday photos with these Christmas Eve Photoshop Actions! This comprehensive collection includes 35 powerful actions (ATN), 35 ACR presets (XMP) for Adobe Camera Raw, and 35 video LUTs (Cube). Perfect for families, holidays, and New Year’s celebrations, these actions add warm, vibrant, and festive themes to your images.

7. Christmas Backdrop, DALL-E3 Prompt and LUTs for Photoshop

Immerse your winter portraits in the enchanting ambiance of the season with our ‘Digital Yuletide Charm’ Christmas backdrop for Photoshop. This versatile digital overlay seamlessly transforms your photos into festive masterpieces, featuring captivating winter scenes. Plus it comes with an amazing four LUTs to make the perfect Christmas mood.

8. Merry Christmas Backdrop + DALL-E 3 Prompts + LUTs for Photoshop

Transform your portraits and holiday cards with our Enchanting Winter Wonderland Backdrop for Photoshop. Perfect for creating festive scenes, this backdrop comes with DALL-E 3 inspired designs and color-enhancing LUTs for a magical touch.


  • 25 Images
  • 21 DALLE-3 Prompts
  • 4 LUTs for Photoshop

9. 30 Gothic Holiday Photoshop Actions & LUTs

Introducing the Gothic Holiday Photoshop Collection! Elevate your Christmas and holiday photos with this comprehensive set, featuring 30 Photoshop Actions, 30 ACR Presets for Adobe Camera Raw, and 30 Video LUTs. Perfect for family, festive, and New Year’s Eve photos, this collection is suitable for professional and beginner photographers, bloggers, influencers, and anyone seeking captivating enhancements.

10. 10 December Lightroom Presets Desktop LUTs

An amazing pack of 10 December Presets which contains everything you need to edit your winter photos, videos, and even mobile pictures:

  • Desktop & DNG Mobile Lightroom Presets
  • Photoshop Actions
  • ACR Camera raw
  • Cube Files Video LUTs

These Color Grading filters add a Cozy, Bright Blue, Icy & Winter theme to your photos.

11. 35 Golden Cream Photoshop Action & Video LUTs

Introducing the Golden Cream Photoshop Collection! Elevate your photos with this all-inclusive set, featuring 35 Photoshop Actions, 35 ACR Presets for Adobe Camera Raw, and 35 Video LUTs (Cube). The perfect golden tones for family, holiday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve photos.

12. 30 Twinkle Photoshop Actions & Video LUT

30 Twinkle Photoshop Actions and Video LUTs, Elevate Your Christmas Photos with Enchanting Glow & Festive Effects for Creative Masterpieces.

Looking for even more holiday themes? We have photo filters, video LUTs, and plenty of design assets like backdrops and overlays too!

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