Video Editing Help – 5 Great Places to Find Help

Video Editing Help - 5 Great Places to Find Help

Welcome to the wonderful world of video editing. This field can be a lot of fun and a lot of work, whether you’re doing it just for fun or as a career. But you’re probably wondering how you can learn more about video editing. Because there is always something more to learn whether it’s a new technique, a new function of your editing software, or an industry standard you didn’t know before.

In this FilterGrade video and article, we’ll be talking about five places online that you can use to learn more about video editing, and become an expert editor! Cover photo: Words as Pictures

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Reddit is a fantastic online forum when it comes to really getting immersed in a community. It’s also great because whether you want to join a more general community or a more specific community, you can do that! For video editing, there are a lot of hyper-specific subreddits for VFX, broadcasting, and more. But if you want a more general experience, there are two subreddits you should check out. If you do video editing professionally, then join r/editors. This is very much for professionals, so if you’re looking for a place to learn, this is not where you should hang out. For beginners, hobbyists, and prosumers, there is r/videoediting. This community is more suited to the kinds of issues you’ll probably have as a beginner, and the users there will be much more receptive to questions that may have simple answers. You can comment on other posts, or start your own threads.

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Discord, for those unfamiliar, is a community and chat application that lets you join private communities. Naturally, there are plenty of Discord servers about video editing. The most prominent one seems to be Video Editor Hub. They describe themselves as a place to get video production help, promote your work, downloading free asset packs, and more. Due to the fast-moving nature of Discord chats, you’ll probably get answers to your questions pretty quickly! And of course, plenty of memes.


There are a lot of video editing forums on the internet that you can join and discuss video editing with. One of the bigger ones is Creative Cow, which has forum sections for different software platforms. They’ve been around for 20 years so are a well-established community full of people with great questions and great answers!

Fiverr and Upwork

Sometimes the best way to learn video editing is to hire someone to teach you. Fiverr is full of talented freelancers who you can pay to edit your videos. But you can also pay to have someone teach you. If you search “teach video editing” you will find plenty of highly-rated freelancers who will be happy to help you in exchange for a fee. Upwork works similarly, but you can create a job asking for editors to apply to teach you. They will often work one-on-one with you in a video call, which has a huge advantage over just watching a video or course. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions or ask for clarification on a point. For those who are visual learners and prefer to follow along with a teacher, this is a great option!

Skillshare and Udemy

Maybe you don’t need one-on-one help or to ask specific questions to someone more advanced. For those who want to upgrade from a free course on YouTube, there are plenty of advanced courses on websites like Skillshare and Udemy. These websites host professional-level courses for a membership fee. While you can get a lot of great lessons from free YouTube videos, these courses will generally be more advanced, deeper, and higher quality. These courses may be a good place to start if you prefer to learn and work alone, then you can go on to Reddit or Discord in order to get your answers to specific questions.

Hopefully now you have some idea of creative places to look for video editing resources. You don’t have to stumble around in a program yourself or watch a YouTube video that looks like it was recorded 15 years ago. Between high-quality courses, educated freelancers, and supportive communities, you can learn everything you need to know to comfortably start editing videos. If you liked this video or article and want more helpful tips about photo and video editing why not subscribe to the FilterGrade channel?

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  1. Toby Risk says:

    Really useful separating out the professional links to the best learning links.
    It’s been a long time since I learnt video editing as an assistant in linear tape edit suites. The amount of knowledge accessible online on how to edit is invaluable in learning how to grow as an editor. However, the best way to learn is to edit with material which is challenging and pushes you beyond your comfort zone.

  2. Daphne says:

    Hey there. I’m just stepping into video editing from scratch! I’m trying to find some forums or community that is helpful for beginners. Went on Discord for the Video Editor Hub, and I have no idea what the difference between a server and a bot is! lol. I tried to join a “server” but I got a message saying “safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”. Can someone please direct me to someplace where I can chat with others about getting started in video editing? Really appreciated!!

  3. daviddge says:

    I am looking for video editing app, someone help me?

  4. rupsonabibi680 says:

    Sorry for replying a bit late, but thank you for sharing this helpful guide on where to find video editing help! As someone interested in learning more about video editing, I appreciate the variety of resources you’ve listed. It’s great to know that there are so many options out there for people at different levels of expertise. In addition to this list of useful resources, you can check out the excellent video editor, which has great functionality and will allow you to create beautiful videos. I’ve used it before and found it very user-friendly and intuitive, even for beginners.

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