10 of the BEST Lights for Commercial Videography

10 of the BEST Lights for Commercial Videography - FilterGrade

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of videography. Without the proper lights, your footage can appear dark, overblown, or plain & flat. Aside from needing to properly illuminate a scene, special effects, setting the mood, and drawing the viewer in all rely on the lighting you use. Not all lights are the same and finding the right kits or accent lights is not as easy as just aiming the light in the right direction and shooting. For professional, high-quality video footage you need the right lights. Here, we talk about the 10 best lights for commercial videography you’ll want to invest in. 

The Best Light for Commercial Videography

1. NanLite Forza 500

This light may appear small for commercial use but it has a powerful impact. This LED light emits 66300 lux at one meter with dimming capabilities down to 1%. Its small design also makes it lightweight and compact for easier travel to any location. This light stands out on our list because of its color accuracy. It features a color render index of 98 and a television lighting consistency of 95 resulting in precise color reproduction. There is also a modified mount which can be used on a variety of fixtures for light stands to horizontal rods and more. Aside from providing efficient light to any set you can program it for special effects such as imitating lighting, flash, or a flickering light bulb. Another perk to this light, it can be operated using an AC adapter or battery power so you never have to worry about if you can use it on location. Get the NanLite Forz 500 here.

2. Litepanals Sola 6+

This is a unique high-end fresnel light that features advanced LED technology for better energy efficiency. Because it is a fresnel light you have better control over the shape and cast of the light. With an 8-way brandoor design, you can manipulate the light for perfect, even distribution to fill and illuminate key areas of your set. The color temperature is a standard 5600K daylight with dimmable controls via remote control accessibility. Order this fresnel light with stand here.

3. ARRI Orbiter LED Luminaire

The Arri Orbiter is in a class of its own. It is an ultra-bright light with an advanced design. This versatile light serves multiple purposes. The open-face design emits a high-output directional light with the option to change the angle of light from 15, 30, and 60 degrees. Use the projection, dome, and other compatible optics for a wide range of uses. To learn more about this advanced light, its technology, and design check it out here.

4. Kino Flo Diva-Lite LED

The Kino Flo Diva-Dite is a panel light that provides you a full range of light design controls for your next commercial shoot. Change the color temperature from 2700K to 6500K with the turn of a knob, the extended color palette increases the range to 9900K. You can also dim the light from 100 to 0%, toggle the color temperature, and dim options for an easy and quick transition. Additionally, it also has an option to adjust the hue of the light from magenta to green. The light is also designed with barn doors and a removal honeycomb louver, which results in more control over the direction and range of light. Learn more about this light here. 

5. Rotolight AEOS Ultra-Portable Bi-Color Location LED RL-AEOS 

This is one of the best multi-purpose lights for commercial videography. Switch between the continuous light option or High-speed sync flash to more creative control. It also is specially designed with two color reproduction modes, soft light output and catch light effect. Additionally, utilize the true aperture dimming, designer fade, special effects such as fire, lightning, paparazzi, and other effect modes to make your next commercial shoot outstanding. Hook up 6-leaf barndoors to this light for better control and manipulation of light spread. For more versatility and creative get this light here.

6. Aputure Light Storm C120D II LED

These compact lights provide outstanding quality light. Its lightweight body is made of  These lights have been put through the test to ensure they are up to par with the most competitive light sources. They score a 96% on the CRI and a 97% on the TLCI. You can be sure that you are shooting with some of the highest quality lights available. With a flexible range of motion, you can direct this light exactly where it needs to shine. You will also find it is capable of boasting its illumination up to 100% or dimming it down to 0%. To learn more about these powerful light sources check them out here.

7. Kino Flo Freestyle 31 LED

The Kino Flo Freestyle light provides you with a highly versatile light for both mounting and use. Utilize the housing box to display the light anywhere or set. Or, use the quick-release system to hide and use the LED panel in hard-to-light compact spaces. Additionally, this light comes equipped with corner bumpers for more mounting options. You will find the light offers plenty of settings to customize and make use of this light for multiple projects. Stick with the default setting and control the color temperature from 2500K to 65000 K. You also have the option to control the green, magenta channels, dim the output, and more. Use the color menus to adjust the hue and saturation for more creative control. Learn more about what you can expect from this light here.

8. Westcott Flex Mats

These are a highly innovative way to light your next commercial shoot. They come in different sizes starting with a 1X1 square. These mats offer a flexible professional light balanced for 5600K daylight temperature. They are ideal for shooting in small spaces and are too easy to conceal on set because of their pliable design. They feature multiple display options including hook-and-loop, edges, magnetic corners, and metal grommets. For an impressive quality light and multi-purpose use, the Westcott Flex Mats are definitely a good investment.

9. RotoLight NEO II

Don’t let this light fool you. They appear to be standard ring lights, but can do much more. It is specifically designed to even skin tone, highlight more details, and complement natural light settings. It features a mounting unit that can be used with the light stand included in this kit. This kit features 3 lights, an array of filters, and much more.

10. Dracast LED2000 KALA

These are a robust set of lights that offer a full set of features ideal for commercial shoots. The variable temperature range starts at 3200K and goes up to 5600K. Adjust the intensity from 0 to 100% and temperature via Wireless IR remote control. Manipulate the spread of light using the detachable barn doors. You can purchase this pair here or opt for a single unit here. 

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