Video Editing Jobs: 10 Places for Editors to Find Work

Video Editing Jobs: 10 Places for Editors to Find Work

As technology becomes more accessible and tutorial videos become more common, the video editing field has become much more competitive. If you don’t have existing connections or the ability to network effectively, you will need to use every resource available to you.

In this blog, we’ve compiled 10 places for you to look for video editing jobs. This list includes freelancing websites as well as some more creative ways to seek out unique opportunities. With a little effort, you may find yourself swimming in jobs!

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Best Places to Find Video Editor Jobs


Upwork is a popular freelancing website that is great for writers, programmers, and of course editors! They allow freelancers to submit proposals for various jobs that range from beginner to advanced. This is a great starting point for editors to find one-off jobs. These may not pay a lot, and they may not be long term gigs, but Upwork is a solid entry point for anyone that doesn’t have existing clients. If you do well and get good reviews, you’ll be picked up for even more jobs in the future.


freelancer video editing jobs

Freelancer is another popular freelance website where video editors can search for and bid on editing jobs. Like other freelance sites, there will be a wide variety of jobs, including one-off edits, long-term arrangements, and projects that require filming in addition to editing. Freelancer is more bid-focused, meaning freelancers can compete on rate in addition to skill.


Fiverr is yet another freelance website, but has a unique twist. Rather than clients posting jobs, Fiverr lets freelancers create customizable services that clients can purchase. Especially in terms of editing, freelancers can create multiple packages that cost more and more based on what you offer. So a $5 job might be a basic edit that limits the amount of raw footage to 15 minutes. A higher tier may unlock motion graphics, color grading, and longer edits. Don’t sell yourself short, but be sure to stay competitive with your pricing and seek out 5-star reviews.


behance video editing jobs

Behance is most known for being a great website for hosting your visual portfolio. But it’s also a great place to look for editing jobs. They have their own job board that has a higher quality of jobs than other sites, but you will be competing with high-tier editors as well. These can also range from one-time gigs to full-time jobs. The job descriptions are generally full of detail and there is a lot of transparency about who the client is beforehand.


Production Hub is a film-centric job board. This means it’s a great place to find jobs specific to your editing skills, but it also means that you’ll be competing for those jobs with a lot of film professionals. While most of the freelancing sites out there are free to use, Production Hub costs $5.99 per month. But for that money, you get access to a lot of high-quality jobs from reputable companies in the industry, with the chance that you’ll get a connection with a great film studio or TV network.


mandy video editing jobs

Mandy is an industry-specific website for film, TV, and theater jobs. While they do a lot more than just editing, you can create an account and start applying to editing gigs right away. Mandy features a lot of studios and networks, so you’re more likely to start working in the industry, rather than just taking odd jobs.

The Knot (and other wedding websites)

Wedding work has a bad reputation because it can often be difficult and brides and grooms can be very demanding. But it’s no secret that wedding videography and editing can be lucrative. Obviously this will favor you if you can work with a videographer or also provide video recording services. Then you’ll need to list yourself as a local vendor on a website like The Knot, and other websites that let users search for florists, photographers, bakers, and more.


Reddit is not a place to directly get video editing jobs, but if you’re creative enough you can find some anyways. It’s a social media site in a sense, but its users don’t appreciate self-promotion. But it’s all about how you frame it. For example, you can make something related to Star Wars and share it on the Star Wars subreddit. Star Wars fans will love it and enjoy it, and your post will get a lot of upvotes, thus appearing to more people. If anyone in need of an editor for a project sees your post and thinks it’s good, they may comment or send you a message and ask to see the rest of your portfolio.

The key here is to not share your portfolio or brand until asked about it specifically. This also means Reddit is far from a guaranteed place to find a job, but it can’t hurt to share your work with communities that will like it!

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Okay, this one will require a bit more work, but it can be a great source of income. YouTube content creators grow over time, and as they grow, they may have more money to invest back into their channel, and a lot less time to do time-consuming tasks such as editing their videos. If you do your research and start a great fan-creator relationship, you could find yourself in a position to swoop in at the right time and become a full-time editor for a YouTuber. This could provide you with steady work if you end up working with someone who posts every day or every other day. That being said, not every small or medium-sized YouTuber can afford to pay a lot, so it might be a long journey.

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Past or Current Employers

Every company can leverage the power of video, but they almost always need to hire someone else to do the work. This is where you come in. You can contact previous employers and ask them if they are looking for video services or would like to create an ad. If they need camera work as well, you’ll be at an advantage if you can provide the full package, but you may need to do additional research to find a film crew. Companies with live events may already have their events filmed, and you can swoop in to be the editor! You can also talk to your current employer about doing video work for them, but you probably will just be doing that during normal work hours and won’t be paid anything additional.

With these 10 websites and ideas, you should be able to find a lot of jobs to apply to, and some great opportunities. With the sheer amount of competition, don’t expect it to be easy. You may need to use more than one of these sources in order to actually land a job, but it tends to have a snowball effect; once you get one good gig, you can get better and better gigs! Good luck out there, editor!

If your skills aren’t quite sharp enough, check out our list of 14 great sites to learn video editing, and you’ll be ready to go.

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