Wondershare FilmoraPro Video Editing Software Review

Wondershare FilmoraPro Video Editing Software Review

This post was sponsored by Wondershare Filmora. Learn more about their professional video editing software, Wondershare FilmoraPro below.

Wondershare FilmoraPro is an advanced video editing software from Wondershare, with a comparable workflow to Premiere Pro. FilmoraPro is customizable with a modular layout and you can really make the program work for you as a video editor. In this review we’re going to break down some of the basics for using FilmoraPro and go over some of our favorite color correction and visual effects features!

wondershare filmora pro video editing software

What is FilmoraPro?

FilmoraPro is a more advanced and powerful video editing program when compared to Filmora9, a more beginner friendly video editor from Wondershare. Some cool features include the ability to easily stabilize footage, adjust audio sync and quality, add video and audio transitions, animation and motion graphics capabilities, and more advanced color scopes for accurate color adjustments!

In this review we’re going to be reviewing all of the key features and aspects of Wondershare FilmoraPro. We’ll be looking at workspaces, professional color correction and LUTs, advanced effects, and much more.

Setting Up Your Workspace

Setting up the workspace in FilmoraPro is super simple. It’s also flexible and you can set it up to work efficiently based on your editor style.

The different tabs and panels can be dragged and dropped from the top. You can also click the top right of any panel and select ‘ Float Panel ‘  to float it above and move it around your editing space. Then you can maximize it to get a bigger view or dock the panel back into your workspace.

setting up workspace in wondershare filmorapro

Professional Color Correction

Color correction and color grading and done really well in FilmoraPro. You can easily add effects to your clips to apply certain settings, from things like hue/saturation/lightness to more advanced curves adjustments, you can add any effect to your clip quickly.

color correction settings in filmorapro

Of course, you can also easily add LUTs to your footage too. You know we have to talk about the process for adding LUTs! :) Here’s a super quick tutorial for adding LUTs to your clips in Wondershare FilmoraPro:

  1. Select your clip and then click Effects > Color Grading > LUT
  2. Click the file icon to browse for your desired LUT (lookup table). You can use .cube LUTs.
  3. Once you select a LUT, it will apply to your footage. Then you can adjust the intensity with the ‘Strength’ slider.

I used the Free Film Tone LUTs for this example. If you’re looking to read about more aspects of color grading in FilmoraPro, check out their user guide here.

wondershare filmorapro add luts to footage

Effects and Advanced Editing Features

I always have a ton of fun playing with cool effects and visual adjustments in editing programs. In FilmoraPro, it’s no different. You can quickly click through effects and try different things to bring your edit to life.

There are a lot of commonly used features like blurs and sharpening, light flares, speed adjustments, and more. You can also find some really unique effects that are less common. My favorite that I discovered is the Heat Distortion adjustment. Adding a nice burned blur to the video.

heat distortion effect filmorapro editing program

While the visual effects can be fun to play with, it’s also great to have practical tools for stabilization, audio, animation, and some other core adjustments. FilmoraPro has a great range, especially for audio!

This is a list of the editing capabilities in FilmoraPro, excluding some of the areas we’ve already covered like color correction, color grading, and other lesser used features.

Top Effects Features in FilmoraPro

  • Animation: wipes, reveals, and transitions
  • Audio: balance, equalizer, fixes for various recording types, and more
  • Behavior: all kinds of cool transitions
  • Blurs: angle, diffuse, motion blur, and more
  • Distort: bulge, heat, and more
  • Generate: clouds, noise, wave, reflections, and more
  • Gradients: color gradients, fill color, etc.
  • Grunge: film grain, half tone, scan lines, etc.
  • Keying: chroma key, color difference
  • Lights & Flares: glow, light leak, neon
  • Sharpen: sharpen, unsharpen
  • Stylize: cartoon, emboss, oil painting, etc.
  • Video Clean-up: stabilizer, cropping, and more
  • Warp: bezier, polar, spherical, etc.

And more useful effects you can apply to your footage for various purposes.

effects applied in filmorapro

System Requirements

Wondershare FilmoraPro works on a variety of devices for professional video producers and editors including:

  • Microsoft Windows 8  / Windows 10 (64 bit OS)
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.13 High Sierra

FilmoraPro will work best with an Intel 4th gen or newer processor and 8GB of RAM. It’s also recommended to have atleast 1+ GB free hard-disk space and SSD-Solid State Disk recommended for editing HD and 4K videos.

Recommended graphics card specifications from Wondershare include:

– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or better.
– Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics 640 or better.
– 4GB Video Memory.

You will need internet access to register your copy of Wondershare FilmoraPro and to access your account in the full version of the software.


FilmoraPro is a professional video editor with all the necessary features. It’s also not that expensive, take a look at the different pricing options below.

Here are the plans for Wondershare FilmoraPro:

  • Free – $00.00 (has watermark)
  • 1 Year – $89.99 (billed annually)
  • Lifetime Plan – $149.99 (one time)

Get Wondershare FilmoraPro here →

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