15 Cool Bundles of Textures for Designers to Download

15 Cool Bundles of Textures for Designers to Download

Texture backgrounds have many uses for graphic designers and artist. Even if you are not a graphic designer by profession you can still find cool and unique ways to use these backgrounds.

Some ways that these texture backgrounds can be used by anyone are postcards, invitations, flyers, blog headers, and gift wrap. These are just a few of the hundreds of ways you can incorporate these into your design life. Check out the list below to find the top bundles of textures that best suit your needs.

Cool Texture Bundles!

Find the coolest bundles of textures and overlays for designers to download. Use these textures in your posters, preview images, Youtube thumbnails, album covers, and so much more!

20 Asphalt & Road Texture Overlays

Credit to Textures & Backgrounds

This 20 pack of Asphalt textures is stunning and crisp. Improvise and be creative to get the full effect of the Asphalt and Road texture overlays. This bundle includes 80 ready to use files in different formats such as AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG files.

40+ Mirage Textures Pack

Credit to Hello Mart

Hello Mart, the creator of this bundle brings us a treat to look at. The Mirage bundle is simply stunning and hard to look away from. There is 40+ textures included in JPG format.

10 Classic Floor Tile Textures

Credit to Textures & Backgrounds

This old school tile floor pattern from Textures & Backgrounds is a clean high quality bundle. It looks amazing and with this bundle you can create something outstanding using an old school pattern.

10 Wooden Planks Wall Backgrounds

Credit to Textures & Backgrounds

This bundle features 10 randomly colored wood planks. The Wooden Planks bundle is perfect for creating high quality posters and flyers. These textures are licensed for commercial and personal use.

20 Snake Leather Texture Overlays

Credit to Textures & Backgrounds

The Snake Leather Texture Overlay features natural snake leather in many different designs. In this pack you will receive 20 Ai files, 20 vector Eps files, 20 isolated files, and 20 PNG files. In total you will receive 80 ready to use files.

10 Labyrinth Outlines Backgrounds

Credit to Textures & Backgrounds

The Labyrinth Outlines textures is a high quality bundle that includes 10 different backgrounds. This bundle is ideal for background textures, postcards, advertising, and has many more uses. Be creative and use this texture bundle in your artwork.

26 White Paper Background Textures

Credit to Textures & Backgrounds

The White Paper backgrounds is simple yet elegant and effective. It features 26 unique high resolution A4 JPG files. Give your work that elegant feel when designing postcards and invitations.

23 Pebble Background Textures

Credit to Textures & Backgrounds

What is a better reminder of the beach and the ocean than sea pebbles? The Rocky Pebbles Texture bundle brings the beach feeling to your artwork. With 23 different styles you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

17 Wooden Board Textures

Credit to Textures & Background

This bundle is similar to the Wooden Planks bundle that was mentioned above. What separates this one is the amount of texture and detail provided. There are 17 different styles that range from blue weathered painted wood to white painted wood to an old wood texture.

55+ Hi-Res Foiled Textures Bundle

Credit to Hello Mart

The Foiled bundle is the largest bundle to make the list featuring more 55 high resolution textures. Hello Mart, the creators of this bundle, gives us various designs that include metallic, pastel, vibrant, neon and neutral colorways.

The Great Barrier Reef Photo Textures Bundle

Credit to Hello Mart

The Great Barrier Reef bundle was created by Hello Mart to bring awareness to the mass bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef and the climate change the world is facing. Natural beauty is something the Great Barrier Reef holds and you should bring that beauty into your artwork by choosing this bundle.

20 High Voltage Background Textures

Credit to Textures & Backgrounds

Want to bring a spark to your artwork? Try out the High Voltage background textures to shock those who view your work.

10 Glitch Noise Background Textures

Credit to Textures & Backgrounds

The Glitch Noise bundle features 10 unique glitch noise backgrounds. This texture bundle is ideal for flyers, postcards, and invitations. Something neat about these textures is that if you stare at it long enough it appears to be moving.

Hand-Drawn Grunge Textures Collection

Credit to Pixelbuddha

This is one of the coolest and most creative texture bundles to make the list. Grunge looks never go out of style and have a certain beauty to them. Standout by choosing this texture bundle by Pixelbuddha.

30 Dirty Wall Background Textures

Credit to Textures & Bundles

Last, but certainly not least. Textures & Backgrounds brings us another great sett of high quality textures. This pack features 30 very unique and awesome dirty wall backgrounds. The size of these backgrounds are 6000×4000 pixels.

BONUS – Renegade Heavy Vintage Photoshop Actions

Renegade Heavy Vintage Photoshop Actions

Heavy vintage actions set, featuring 10 analog leak and dust textures! This is the perfect bundle for film lovers and editors with a passion for retro effects. Works great with the Light Leaks Bundle.

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