50 Incredible Photo Overlays and Textures

50 Incredible Photo Overlays & Textures - FilterGrade

Editing tools allow you to completely transform your images and raise them from beautiful to unforgettable. You can add in colors, lights, patterns, textures, and more with a simple preset. In this list we’ll be going over 50 overlays and textures that will help get your creative juices flowing and will provide you with countless new ways to enhance your images with ease. 

50 Photo Overlays and Textures

  • Bokeh Overlays
  • Color Filled Overlays
  • Added Light
  • Patterns & Textures
  • Mystical & Prehistoric
  • Nature Filled
  • Holiday/Seasonal Overlays

Bokeh Overlays

You will find an array of bundles and packs of bokeh overlays. From glowing dust to heart-shaped lights you will find high-quality packages that will amplify the mood and atmosphere of your images.

80 Lifestyle Bokeh Lights Pack 03 Photo Overlays

60 Golden Shiny Bokeh Photo Overlays

Summer Backdrops Bokeh Textures

This video will give you a sneak peek of how these summer bokeh effects can give your images a dreamy and magical feel.

60 Light Boken Photo Overlay

Romantic Boken Photo Overlays

80 Real City Boken Lights Photo Overlays

Color Filled Overlays

These overlays and textures are all about color. Whether is adding in some rainbow light flares or transforming the background of your images into a vibrant display of bold color. You will find various ways to add more color to your images from dashes of glitter and pastel textures to rippling waves of pink or brilliant puffs of colorful smoke. Simple click on the title of any of these packages to see what all you can do with these color filled overlays.

Gold Satin Photo Overlays

Colorful Bokeh Photo Overlays

Pastel Fine Art Textures Photo Overlays

Pink Flying Fabric Photo Overlays

Check out this quick video to see how you can use this bundle to add flowing colorful fabric to your images.

Glitter Effect Photo Overlays Pack

ColorWash Faded Photoshop Actions

Double Color Exposure Photo Exposure Photo Effect

Smoke Bomb Photo Overlays

Black Fabric Photo Overlays

Added Light

Being a photographer is all about manipulating light. No matter how much you have perfected this skill, having some tools that add in some flares, glares, and colorful hues can completely transform your images. Click on any of these overlays to see how you can master the lighting in your images.

Sun Flare and Haze Overlays Bundle

Natural Sunlight Photo Overlays

FilterGrade Light Leaks Bundle

100 Golden Lights Photo Overlay

Watch the video below to see how these overlays can transform your images.

Lamp Lights Photo Overlays

Magic Book Light Photo PNG Overlays

Stage Lights Photo Overlays

Patterns and Texture Overlays

Patterns are a great way to bring focus to any object in your images. This list of pattern overlays and textures are ideal for any type of project you are working on. You will find a mix of bold designs or subtle shapes and textures that will liven up your images in a unique and creative way.

Cosmic Abstract Patterns Collections

30X Vibrant Watercolor Seamless Patterns

Portuguese Geometric Patterns

Vintage Fine Art Textures Bundle

Transparent Bubbles Overlays + Brushes

See how this bubble overlays can bring more fun and lightheartedness to your images. Just watch the video below.

Mystical and Prehistoric

Whether you do weddings, portraits, or marketing these overlays and textures will add a bit of mystery and fantasy to your images. From fairy wings to dinosaurs, these bundles will get your creative sparks flying.

Dreamy Lights Effect Photo Overlays

Mermaid Tail Photo Overlays

Fairy Wings Photo Overlays

Dinosaur Photo Overlays V2

Hot Air Balloons Photo Overlays

Nature Filled

Whether you shoot in the natural outdoors or add in natural elements to your indoor shoots these overlays and textures will bring hints of nature to your images in a number of ways. From stormy skies to butterflies you will find an array of nature filled elements that can enhance or completely change the mode and feel of your images instantly. 

Grass and Flowers Photo Overlays

Stormy Sky Photo Overlays

Tornado PNG Photo Overlays

Rainbow Photo Overlays and Textures Bundle

Dramatic Sky Photo Overlays

Watch how the mood of your images can completely change instantly with this bundle of dramatic skies overlays and textures.

88 Butterflies Photo Overlays Bundle

Lightning Photo Overlays

Nois7 Moons Photo Overlays

250 Sky Photo Overlays Mega Bundle

Holiday/Seasonal Overlays

From winter snow to Halloween pumpkins, these bundles have something for your shoots all year round. Add fireworks, spooky effects or autumn colors in seconds. Click on the title to learn more about how you can add these seasonal and holiday overlays to your images.

180 Autumn Photo Overlays Textures

Holiday Fireworks Photo Overlays

Firework Christmas Party Photo Overlays

X-Mas Street Bokeh Lights Photo Overlays

X-Mas Winter Snow Photo Overlays +1 Video Loop

 Falling Snow Photo Overlay

Christmas Tree Photo Overlays

Neo Halloween Lights Effects Photo Overlays

Halloween Lights Effect Photo Overlays

We hope that you enjoyed this list of inspirational photo overlays and patterns to use in your projects :) If you think we should add more to this list, let us know in the comments!

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