The 15 Best Lower Thirds Templates for Documentaries

15 Lower Thirds Templates for Documentaries - FilterGrade

Lower third texts are essential for documentaries. Whether you need to display a name, place, date, time, or key information these elements are a must. Aside from the basics, these elements need to capture your viewer’s attention without distracting them. Creating lower thirds text can be time-consuming especially if you want them to be animated. To save you time but still provide a professional alternative we have compiled a list of the best lower thirds templates for documentaries, for you to download and begin using today!

15 Lower Thirds Templates

1. Textify Kinetic Text Animations for After Effects

These animated text designs will capture viewer’s attention and keep them engaged. You will get 55 fun and creative text presets to use for interview introduction, facts, and more. The color can be customized to use perfectly with your next documentary, narrative, or any other project. See them in action here

2. HUD Lower Thirds

These lower-thirds text elements have a fantasy feel to them. They are clean, eye-catching, and unique. The HUD Lower Thirds pack offers 15 After Effects templates that you can add to presentations, documentaries, slideshows, and many other projects. Customize the color and change the text to highlight the key speakers, products, locations, and vital information in your next project. Download them all here

3.Titles Elegant Cinematic 2 Premiere

Though this pack is designed for openers and titles, they can be customized and used in a unique way with your next documentary. Not only do you have complete control of the color of the text, but they can also be scaled up or down. You can also change the paucity of the additional overlays to help the text stand out or be a subtle inclusion to your frames. This pack comes with 21 stunning titles and credit templates. You can get them all here. 

4. NEO Typomin Title Pack 02 

This pack offers 20 stylish and unique lower thirds and title templates that are perfect for documentaries, interviews, and more. The color and text are completely customizable as well as the shape. Get inspired by these After Effects templates here. You will also find a short tutorial video that shows you just how easy it is to drag and drop these elements into your next project. 

5. Projector Titles Premiere Pro Template

Introduce your key speakers with a vintage and professional touch. This Premiere Pro template is completely customizable so you can easily use it with any of your projects. Download it here

6. Moonlight Minimal Title Pack

If you are looking for a more modern look to your title then this is the pack you want to learn more about. With this pack, you will find 10 animated texts that are fully customizable. Though they have a trendy feel they offer a minimal touch to your documentaries. These title templates are flawlessly designed and will help your next project look more professional and draw your viewers in. Download them here. 

7. Universal Call-Out Titles

This is a multi-purpose set of titles. With this text pack, you will be provided with 30 different text style and media call-out titles in circles and squares. Each is fully customizable offering you an endless number of ways to use each. These Premiere Pro templates will allow you to highlight key details, people, products, and more in any of your upcoming projects. See how you can use them here

8. 20 Typomin Titles Pack 03 After Effects

These animated text templates will amaze your viewers. This pack comes with 20 beautifully created text designs that you can edit to add to any project. Quickly add any of the stylish in just a few clicks. Get them all here

9. 3Motional Neo New Corporate Titles Pack

These After Effects templates offer a stunning way to add full-screen text animation to your next project. These texts are elegant and stylish. You can adjust the colors using the intelligent color controller to seamlessly match the tone and color of your project. You can also change the duration for how long each title is displaced. Learn more about this pack here. You will also find a link to download additional tests to use with the thesis template. 

10. Quotes and Titles Animations for After Effects

Adding direct quotes to your documentary footage will help your viewers related and stay engaged in your next project. These After Effects templates provide you with stunning and sleek titles specially designed for quotes and additional information. You can customize the color of all ten on these templates so they transition nicely into any of your projects. Get them all here.  

11. Color Kinectic Typography

These animated texts are colorful and fun. You will find 25 stunning After Effect templates that you can combine to create an unlimited number of unique title and text displays. Each template allows you to customize the color, shape, and background. If you want more creative control over your lower thirds text, without having to spend all the time creating them from scratch, this is the patch you want to get. Get started with them here

12. Simple Titles and Lower Thirds for After Effects

You will find 20 simple and presently designed lower thirds and title templates with this pack. These templates with any project and with any language. You will get a lot of use out of the various templates in this pack to use for your documentaries, narratives, commercials, and more. Learn more about these animated titles here

13. 3Motional Neo Titles and Lower Thirds

These lower thirds titles really stand out. There are stylish, modern, and have a touch of a neon glow. There are 30 templates with this pack that offer a combination of both neo and simple designs. Each allows you to customize the color and size of the text. Download them here.

14. Premiere/After Effects Titles and Lower Thirds Pack

This bundle offers a variety of professional lower thirds designs that will enhance your documentaries and more. These animated designs work with both After Effects and Premiere Pro. You will find a combination of glitch text, various title reveals, flashy animations, and more. See what else you get with this pack here

15. 100 Clean Out Title

This is the ultimate titles bundle pack. Each of these 100+ After Effects templates are easy to customize and quickly add to your next project. Add a professional touch to your next project with stinging titles and lower thirds animated text by grabbing this bundle here.

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