9 Stunning Demo Reel Templates for Premiere Pro

9 Stunning Demo Reel Templates for Premiere Pro - FilterGrade

Demo reels showcase your best work, promote an upcoming project or product, and are essential for showing off what you can do. These reels can be a combination of video, text, our photography. Ensuring that you seamlessly piece together all your work is half of the challenge. The other half consist of adding the right effects to capture and maintain your audience’s attention. If you are a Premiere Pro user, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled the best demo reel templates for Premiere Pro that you can begin using today. These templates are easy to use and will cut back on the time it takes to put together a stunning demo reel.

The Best Demo Reel Templates

1. Action Urban Promo Premiere Pro Template

This Premiere Pro template is great for action-packed demos. It has a fresh and modern look to it with professionally designed textures and overlays. Capture your audience’s attention with smooth animations and transitions. This fast-paced template allows you to add images and videos for intros, openers, presentations, and more. Learn more about this template here. 

2. Sci Punk – Digital Promo Premiere Pro Template

This template will add a futuristic look to your next project. Easily drag and drop your images or videos into the template, render and you are ready to go. This template works well with sci-fi, tech, fantasy projects. It can also give other projects an updated modern funky look. Download it here now. 

3. Motivation Promo

The Motivation Promo Premiere Pro template is a highly versatile file. Use it on a wide range of projects from sports and exercise to business and fashion. Add in your own images or videos, change up the text and colors to fully customize your next demo reel. Get started using this template by downloading it here.  

4. Old School Vintage Film Premiere Pro Template

There are a number of great details that come with this template. From the classic countdown timers, text, production credits, and cast lists to the film grain and vintage scratches. Easily transform your next project into a classic promo in minutes. This template is ideal for silent projects which allows you to highlight the raw story behind your images and videos. Check it out here.

5. Modern Promo (Premiere Pro Template)

If you are looking for a Premiere Pro Template that is catchy, modern, and vibrant the Modern Promo is the right fit for your next project. This template comes with everything you need to start and finish your demo reel, It includes an intro/opener, eye-catching transitions, text layers, and multiple placeholders to add in your own videos and images. Learn more about this template here

6. Horror Atmospheric Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Need to add more suspense into your next demo reel? Whether you have a knack for shooting horror or want to keep your audience on the edge of their seats this template will help you achieve just that It features lens flares, textured details, unique paint effects, and much more. Use this template for short videos, trailers, and other projects. Get it here

7. Modern Slides Premiere Pro Slideshow Template

This captivating template is the perfect tool for fashion, lifestyle, and travel projects. It provides a clean and modern editorial-like layout with smooth transitions for a perfect fade or revealing slideshow feel. Customize the text and colors to fit with your next project. See what else you can do with this template here.

9. Polarized World Premiere Pro Template

This template was designed for presentations, promotional videos, and projects with a mysterious theme. But that’s not all you can use it for. With its futuristic style, bold titles, light leaks, and mirror effects you can use this for just about any demo reel. It features a vintage look but in a modernized design. The mirror effects are what make this template stand out. Easily mirror your footage for a creative display of fast action shots and more. Download it here, and start using it today. 

9. Wex – Event Promo Premiere Pro Template

Looking for a template to show off your project in a fresh and creative way? This template is for you. You will find vintage-style fonts, clean background elements, smooth transition, and more. Use this template to promote your next demo reel or create an eye-catching promo video for an upcoming event. Add your own image and videos and customize the text and you are done. This template makes it easy to be creative while putting together a professional-looking reel. Get started by downloading it here.

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