Adobe’s Free Photoshop Camera App to Launch in 2020

Adobe's Free Photoshop Camera App to Launch in 2020

Adobe is increasing their focus on mobile apps, with the notable recent release of Premiere Rush and advancements to Lightroom Mobile. This week at Adobe Max, the company introduced their next mobile play, Adobe Photoshop Camera.

Photoshop Camera is a free, AI-powered camera and photo editing app for unique camera effects, filters, and more. Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, Adobe has released an app with lenses and unique effects that users can share to their stories or social feeds.

Adobe posted that the app is ‘available now as a preview for iOS and Android devices and targeted for general availability in 2020.’

What is Photoshop Camera?

PsC or Photoshop Camera is powered by Adobe’s Sensei platform. Photoshop Camera uses Sensei’s machine learning and AI abilities to help improve your editing and shooting experience.

The app can recognize the subject in a photo, provide recommendations, and automatically apply advanced features at the moment of capture, rather than after the fact. According to Abhay Parasnis, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Adobe, “Photoshop Camera also understands the technical content (i.e. dynamic range, tonality, scene-type, face regions) of the photo and automatically applies complex adjustments.”

Not only will AI power the cameras on your phone, but it also assists in editing and retouching now too!

adobe photoshop camera app

Photo: Adobe

Billie Eilish Limited-Edition Lenses

Another fun aspect of the Photoshop Camera app are the community lenses. In their introductory blog post, Adobe shared that the massively popular musician, Billie Eilish, worked with the company to create limited-edition lenses inspired by her songs and mysterious music videos.

Lenses are easy-to-apply, advanced filters and layered adjustments. This includes effects like animated sparkles, kinetic effects, pop art, and much more.

art effects in photoshop camera

Photo: Adobe Youtube

sparkle lens adobe photoshop camera

Photo: Adobe Youtube

billie eilish photoshop camera filter

Photo: Adobe Youtube

bloom lens adobe photoshop camera app

Photo: Adobe Youtube

When is Photoshop Camera going to be released?

The app is currently in development and Adobe is encouraging users to download the preview and leave feedback to help improve the usability before launch. You can learn more here and signup to request early access on this page.

Like we shared above, according to the blog post from Adobe EVP and CTO, Abhay Parasnis, the app is targeted for general availability in 2020 for both iOS and Android devices.

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