Adobe Introduces Project Rush, a New Cross-Platform Video Editor

Adobe introduces Project Rush, a new cross-platform video editor.

Last week Adobe introduced a new, cross-platform video editor called Project Rush.

Project Rush aims to ‘make creating and sharing online content easier than ever’, from Erin Norton of Adobe. After working with many online video creators over the past few years, Adobe saw the need for a more centralized tool that people could use to simplify the editing process.

With Rush you can work on desktop and mobile devices seamlessly and automatically pick up where you left off.

Project Rush Features

Adobe Project Rush software

Project Rush has a number of impressive features making it a seriously useful tool to people who create videos on a frequent basis. Some of the key features are:

  • Cross-Platform flexibility on desktop and mobile

  • Syncs to cloud for easy editing and has same features on both versions

  • Quickly edit, add filters, optimize audio, and use customizable titles

  • Color correction powered by Premiere Pro and audio powered by Audition

  • Schedule posts and publish to multiple social platforms from the app

To learn more about all of the features check out Adobe’s introduction post and view the Project Rush product page.

project rush titles feature


Focus on Social

Adobe also shares in their introduction article that they are taking every social platform into account. With the launch of IGTV last week, mobile-first video will have to be one of those considerations.

Another goal of the software is to simplify the process of creating videos for different platforms. Rather than creating a unique video for each site, Rush is focused on ‘making it easier to create versions of your videos that are optimized for the different social platforms that you’re publishing to today’.

How to Apply for Project Rush

apply for project rush adobe video editing app

Adobe is currently accepting applications for a chance to join the beta and help build Project Rush. Online video creators can apply to test the apps on desktop or laptop, iOS devices, and Android devices (coming soon).

You can apply here.

Not much else is being shared about Project Rush at the moment other than the fact that Adobe is interested in feedback from beta testers. Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch reports ‘the new tool will only be available later this year (and my guess would be a launch at the company’s Max conference in October)’. 

What do you think about Project Rush? Share your comments below about whether or not you would use this new video editing app from Adobe.

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