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Creating your own photo overlays can take time, and tons of unneccessary effort when there are tons of freebies online. Today, we have some fresh, unique 35mm film light leaks overlays for you to play around with on your next project!

These film light leaks & overlays were created by our co-founder, Matt, during his process while shooting, developing, and scanning all of his own film at home – from there, he used all of the ‘scraps’ from his photo-shoots to create some cool light leaks, film grain, and dust so you can use them on all of your photos or videos and create some cool, old-school magic. :)

In this free kit, you’ll get 5 unique film light leak effects that you can overlay and blend onto your photos to get that real 35mm film feel! There is also 1 BONUS film border with a small light leak that you can use to create a cool vintage looking image.

  • 5 Film Light Leaks
  • 1 BONUS film border

Check out some examples below:

These 35mm film light leaks and grain texture overlays are essential for your photos and they work really well for graphic designers, too!

These elements are the perfect addition for poster designs and even music cover art! Play around with the blending modes in Adobe Photoshop to create an endless amount of effects.

For some tips on using these photo overlays and film light leaks, check out the article below:

Tips for Using Overlays in Adobe Photoshop - FilterGrade

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The 35mm film light leaks in this free pack are meant to emulate real 35mm film stocks. Matt shoots and develops all of his film at home and these effects come directly from his real 35mm film scans!

If you are looking to create real, analog looks for your projects, these are the assets for you.

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