Free Paris Travel Photoshop Actions

Free Travel Photoshop Actions on FilterGrade

Traveling to Paris was an unforgettable experience. It’s a massive city full of unique people and interesting architecture.

When I was there, I was constantly inspired by the beautiful buildings and landmarks. To help edit all of the photos I shot on my trip, I put together a small set of travel Photoshop Actions that you can download for free below!

These photo filters are as close as I could get to capturing the essence of Paris. They are colorful, washed out, film like, and customizable depending on the weather/lighting conditions.

Below I’ve included previews of the filters with a brief description of how I use each one and what photos they’ll work best on. Read more about organizing your Photoshop Actions here.

travel photoshop actions inspired by paris

The filter above is called ‘Moments’ and adds a soft purple/pink sunset look to your photo. This effect works best on sunset photos, aerial/drone photography, and street portraits.

vintage wash free photoshop actions

This filter is called ‘Vintage Wash’ and it will add a faded and washed out look to your photos. This effect is pretty versatile and can be used on almost any photo. For darker/underexposed photos, simply bump up the brightness and adjust the curves to reflect your shooting style.

free travel photoshop actions

This filter is called ‘Min B&W’ and will add a sepia black and white look to your photos. Again, this effect is pretty versatile and can be used on a variety of travel photos. I enjoy this look for capturing memories of historic buildings, European architecture, and the many landmarks of Paris.

orange haze free photoshop actions

This filter is called ‘Orange Haze’ and, like the title suggests, it adds a hazy and orange fade to your photos. This effect is specifically developed for sunrise, sunset, and twilight photos and works best when you have lots of sky in the background.

free paris travel ps actions

The free travel Photoshop Actions are a great resource for photographers, bloggers, and anyone else documenting their travels. Here is what you’ll get with your download:

  • 5 Free Travel Photoshop Actions
  • Retro/Vintage Effects
  • Sunset Colors
  • Black & White
  • Free Help Files

Click the link below for an instant download of the filters!

Download the FREE Paris Travel Photoshop Actions!

I hope these effects are useful to you. If you get the chance, share your edits on Instagram with #filtergrade so we can see! We’ll be featuring some of our favorites on our IG Story.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or need help getting started. We’re happy to assist. You can also learn how to install Photoshop Actions here.

Free Paris Travel Photoshop Actions from FilterGrade

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