The Best Photography from Google Earth

The Best Photography from Google Earth

Today while exploring the web I came across an amazing website that pulls and collects images taken by Google Earth satellites.

The site is called Earthglance, and on it you can find extraordinary aerial views of Earth as seen from the perspective of space.

I’ve always been a huge fan of aerial photography, but this tops the charts. Upon my discovery of Earthglance I spend a solid hour or so browsing the site. The beauty in it is that each image is from completely unique areas of the world. From scenic countrysides to overcrowded cities, Earthglance grabs the most raw images of Earth.

Below are a handful of my favorites images from Google Earth.

Rivers in Brasil

google earth photography

Port Douglass, Australia

google earth photography

Bologna, Italy

photography from google earth


Google Earth Photography Kuwait

The Mountains of Idaho

google earth photography idaho

 New Delhi, India

Google Earth Photography India

The Highways of New Orleans

google earth photography

Lima, Peru

Google Earth Photography Peru


Google Earth photography


photography from Google Earth

Rome, Italy

Google Earth photography


photography from Google Earth

Los Angeles, California

Google Earth photography

The Deserts of Australia

google earth photography images

Osaka, Japan

photography from google earth

The Coastline of Algeria

photography from Google Earth

The Rocky Terrain of Afghanistan

Photography from Google Earth

Portland, Oregon

google earth photography inspiration

Gradients formed by Rivers

photography by Google Earth

A Train Yard in Baltimore, Maryland.

Google Earth Photography

The landscape of Mongolia.

photography from Google Earth

To say the least I was inspired by the quality of these images. It isn’t everyday you can see breathtaking views of Earth like these. What was your favorite image? Leave a comment below.

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