Polaroid Hints at New Camera Launching May 6th

Polaroid OneStep2 Announcement - A New Era in Photography Begins - FilterGrade

UPDATE (May 6, 2019): Polaroid Releases New ‘Stranger Things’ Edition OneStep 2 Camera

It was the start of the Summer in 1985 and Polaroid was ready to change the world of photography. With more than 30 years since the launch of their OneStep camera, I’d say that they definitely began a new era of photography that still remains relevant today.

“A new era in photography begins.”

New Polaroid Camera?

Just the other day (April 30, 2019) Polaroid seemed to hint at a new camera that may be dropping on their Instagram in a video post with a quick news update from the company.

Hint - A New Era in Photography Begins - FilterGrade

Polaroid Originals didn’t give us too many details or what really to expect, but they pushed up to remember the innovative steps they took on May 6th in 1985 when they released their unique Polaroid Originals OneStep Camera which changed photography forever. With this reminder of their past glory, they also urge us to stay tuned for ‘the breakthrough technology of the century.’

What seemed to be interesting was their use of the Polaroid Originals OneStep2 branding. Does this mean we will be getting a new version of the OneStep2 Model with some upgrades? Or are we going to get a completely new Polaroid Camera?

new polaroid - Polaroid OneStep2 Announcement - A New Era in Photography Begins - FilterGrade

Taking a deeper look into the Polaroid updates, I also found this mock-up that they have included on their website. Whether or not this is what the new Polaroid Camera Model will look like we are not sure, but we will be sure to keep you posted with all of the latest updated on Polaroid’s new era in photography!

‘The world’s brightest camera is coming…’

As a Polaroid and instant film fanatic, I am more than excited to hear and see what the company has in store for us and can not wait to see this so-called ‘new era in photography!’ Whether we see a new camera model, a new type or film, the reintroduction of their famous peel apart pack film, or something else, Polaroid photographers from all over will be astonished and more than happy to use the new technology.

Polaroid OneStep Cameras

A New Era in Photography Begins - FilterGrade

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