Produce Amazing Educational Videos Like a Pro in 3 Stages!

Creating a great educational video, whether for YouTube or an eLearning course, takes a lot of time and effort. This is exactly why you need a streamlined training video production process to ensure that you are creating the best quality video with the least time and resources wasted. 

Following this process makes the difference between a great production and a terrible flop. Keep reading to learn the 3 stages of video production that will lead you to success.

What Are The 3 Stages of Video Production?

Stage #1: Pre-Production (Story Boarding & Scripting)

The 3 stages of video production begin with pre-production. This refers to everything that happens before you actually start recording your video. This is where you set the stage for your creation. It can be a very long process, like with the Lord of the Rings, where they had to find the right location and build the set. Or in the case of educational videos, this can include finding subject matter experts and collaborating on storyboarding and scripting

A large part of pre-production is storyboarding or creating an outline for the training materials. We recommend that you only script exact lines if they have to be said. Your viewers will notice scripted lines, and it will feel unnatural in an eLearning course. 

Instead, outline three to five large ideas and record several takes of your team interpreting these. The best way to build engagement with your videos is to make them as authentic as possible, and this means less scripting. Just get a general idea of where the video is leading your viewer during this stage of video production. 

Stage #2: Production (Recording)

Production is when you get as much content as you can on film. This is the active process of recording training content so that it can be edited in the next stage. Depending on what type of content you are creating for your training program, this may include voice-overs, video shoots, and the production of animated content. 

If you are recording a voice-over or a video, do several takes of every scene so that you have options for what to keep and what to discard. You don’t want to end up going back to this stage later on just because the only take you have didn’t turn out well. Enlisting the services of a voice actor for hire can be highly advantageous in this process as they can provide a range of takes for each scene, offering various interpretations of the script and delivering a variety of vocal styles, tones, and inflections that can enhance the video’s impact and appeal.

Stage #3: Postproduction (Editing)

A lot of the best video producers know the majority of work is in post-production. This is where your team will edit the footage and create the final product. With a major motion film, this is the stage when the production team offers and implements feedback. The same applies to the training video production, this is the time when you can provide feedback to your production team if you are working with one. 

At this point of the 3 stages of video production, it’s time to make adjustments and tweaks to create the perfect training program your Learners will love! 


There are many things you can do to produce a better video. Making sure that you have defined the stages of video production and working through them accordingly is one of the best ways to ensure you create a quality video. Take your time to do these steps correctly and thoroughly, and your video will be better received because of it. 

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