The 5 Best Leica Cameras

The 5 Best Leica Cameras

When it comes to photography cameras few live up the standard and quality of the Leica line of cameras. Some of the most iconic photos in history were taken with Leica cameras. Hand-made in Germany they are known for their high precision, quality optics, and state of the art technology. They are built to last and are in such high demand that certain Leica cameras are almost impossible to get your hands on. Leica is known for its mix of classic retro designed mixed with technology.

They are more expensive than some of their counterparts but the quality and style of many is worth the price. If you are considering going with a Leica camera these are 5 of the Best Leica Cameras out right now.

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The Leica M isn’t for everyone. It’s about simplicity. There are only a few buttons. It doesn’t have video capability. But if you are only focused on taking great photos this won’t scare you away. This camera will pull more out of your photos it actually does well in low light and delivers less noise.  There is no autofocus but if you take the time to compose your shots you’ll find this camera takes very sharp photos.

The Leica M10-R with 40 Megapixel color sensor –
  • CAMERA TYPE: Rangefinder
  • SENSOR: Full Frame
  • LENS: Leica M


Leica does things their own way without compromises. This is true with their Lecia Q2 compact camera. This 47.3 Megapixel full-frame sensored camera has a fast prime fixed-lens. You heard me right a prime fixed-lens. Even though most Leica have interchangeable lenses this one is its own kind of animal. The wide-angle Summilux  28 mm lens has fast autofocus and because of the high resolution can be cropped to simulate 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm focal lengths. This camera is also capable of 4k video recording. If you are looking for something compact, durable, and water resistant this is a cool option for you.

The Leica Q2 new 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor –
  • CAMERA TYPE: Compact
  • SENSOR: Full Size
  • LENS: Fixed  28mm, f/1.7


Leica’s full-frame sensor SL2 is 47.3 megapixels that delivers stunning detail. This mirrorless camera can do 10/20fps continuous shooting. It can shoot 4k with Cine mode. It allows interchangeable lenses with its L-mount. The SL2 has in-body stabilization. And a nice design and interface. Focusing is made easy with Leica’s Object Detection Autofocus System. The touchscreen is a non-tilting fixed screen.  The interface menu is streamlined for faster use. Weather sealed and rugged.

  • CAMERA TYPE: Mirrorless
  • SENSOR: Full Frame
  • LENS: L-Mount


To some, this may seem like a novelty camera, but the monochromatic Leica M10 has photographer purist framing up stunning award-winning black and white photos. Who even thinks of making a camera nowadays that only films black and white. This goes hand and hand with the Leica brand that will always do things their own way. They say this is the best black and white sensor they have ever made. This isn’t a camera for the novice, it may take some work to master, but the final results can be stunning. When Leica first started making these types of cameras the consensus was that it was a specialty camera that would be phased out. But it is now in it is third generation.

Leica M10 Monochrom –
  • CAMERA TYPE: Rangefinder
  • SENSOR: Full Frame
  • LENS: Leica M


If you are looking for a travel zoom camera then you may consider the Leica D-Lux 7. This fixed lens camera is similar to the Panasonic’s Lumix DC-LX100 and can shoot continuously at 5.5 fps. The lens is a 24-75mm equivalent. It also captures UHD 4K video.

Leica D-Lux 7 Black –
  • CAMERA TYPE: Zoom Compact
  • SENSOR: Micro Four Thirds
  • LENS: 24-75mm

So that’s a look at the some of the Top Leica cameras out right now. Leica isn’t for everyone but for certain photographers Leica cameras are on pedestal all by themselves.

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