The Best Photoshop Blogs with Tutorials & Resources

The Best Photoshop Blogs with Tutorials & Resources

Learning Photoshop, or anything really, all by yourself is an admirable quest. But eventually, everyone needs to seek out an outside resource like an educational blog in order to advance their knowledge and learn from experts.

In this blog, we’re going to cover some of our favorite Photoshop blogs where you can get awesome tutorials and resources. Cover photo by: Matt Moloney

Best Blogs to Learn Photoshop

1. FilterGrade – Our Personal Favorite Blog ;)

filtergrade blog page

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Of course, we have to mention ourselves! Here on FilterGrade, we cover a lot of topics related to photography and editing. Our selection of Photoshop tutorials and guides cover a lot of ground from individual effects tutorials to general usage guidelines. We take a photography-centric approach to our education, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appeal to graphic designers and general users as well. Our team of writers is made up of Adobe Creative Cloud experts who have used this software for years and known the ins and outs as good as anyone. We also have a ton of freebies as well as purchasable Photoshop actions to accelerate your design. Finally, we also have a YouTube channel where we have turned some of our written tutorials into video guides.

2. Design Crowd – Best Blogs for Design Education

design crowd blog page

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Design Crowd, formerly Worth1000, has a great blog about design. It’s not necessarily focused on Photoshop, but rather design in general. Their blogs are fantastic for anyone trying to get into using Photoshop or any other design program. There is a lot of inspiration in terms of logo design. Whether its gyms, rock bands, or tattoo shop logos, Design Crowd has an article worth of inspiration for you! We would love it if they had more tutorials rather than just inspiration, but sometimes inspiration can be as critical to using Photoshop as anything else.

3. Tutsplus – Best Photoshop Blogs for Actions

tutsplus blog page

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Tutsplus by Envato provides a lot of great effects tutorials, freebies, and lists of additional resources. These tutorials tend to be specific effects that are a lot of fun to create and can really a design special if used right. Their massive backlog of content will keep you busy for a long time. They have a major focus on Photoshop actions, which can help to accelerate your workflow by automating certain tasks. Many of their specific effects include accompanying videos so you can follow along easier.

4. Photoshop Tutorials – Best Blogs for Photo Manipulation

photoshop tutorials blog page

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If it has “Photoshop tutorials” in the name, it must be good, right? That is definitely the case with this blog, as it provides a lot of hyper-specific photo manipulation and compositing tutorials that will leave you with useful lessons. Sure, maybe you don’t need to create an image of a secret temple above the clouds, but you’ll still be able to learn a lot about compositing multiple items, color correcting a scene, and masking objects. While some websites focus more on logos or typography, this blog shows the true extent of Photoshop’s tools to reimagine existing images. Their tutorials are packed with detail and are easy to follow.

5. Adobe – Best Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

adobe blog tutorials page

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Adobe themselves have their own set of Photoshop tutorials that you will find useful. While it’s not quite a blog you can subscribe to, this is a necessity for all Photoshop users. Most of the tutorials are easy-to-follow videos, but often have text transcripts. Their beginner tutorials are perfect for learning the basics or learning a brand new feature. Their more advanced tutorials are handled by partners. These partners are designers and experts entrusted to create tutorials for the community. While learning from third-party sites may give you insight into more advanced effects, getting information straight from the source is absolutely necessary for learning the fundamentals!

6. The Photoshop Subreddit – The Best Place to Ask Questions

photoshop subreddit

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You won’t find too many direct tutorials on the Photoshop subreddit, but you will find a lot of great questions, and the opportunity to ask your own of the community. There is also a weekly thread for showcasing your work and getting critiques from fellow designers. The sense of community and constructive feedback is sure to make you a better designer. Even if you’re following tutorials or expert blogs, it’s hard to know if what you’re doing is good or not. Just be open and willing to learn, and take recognize that everyone will have a different opinion.

7. Photoshop Cafe – Best Photoshop Blogs for Practical Skills

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Photoshop Cafe is a fantastic collection of practical tutorials. Rather than focusing on creating specific scenes, Photoshop Cafe’s posts tackle everyday effects that you can apply to many of your designs. Whether its lighting objects, removing backgrounds from photos, or how to customize your workspace, you’ll find a skill here that you can apply to more than just one project.

8. Hubspot’s “How to Use Photoshop” – A One-Stop Source for Beginners

hubspot photoshop blog guide

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Okay, this one is only one blog post, and not an entire blog website. But Hubspot has an excellent blog all about the basics of Photoshop and how to get started. It also has a place to download an even more in-depth guide called The Marketer’s Guide to Photoshop. Hubspot does have a lot of well-written articles about Photoshop and how to use it for many of the things a marketer may use Photoshop for. So once you’re done with this article, try searching “Photoshop” on the Hubspot blog to find even more great resources.

9. Vandelay Design – Best Roundup Lists

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Vandelay Design is dedicated to providing design education to everyone, and does a great job with their blog. They cover more than just Photoshop but have an extensive catalog of Photoshop content. While there are plenty of tutorials, they also have roundup posts of tutorials dedicated to specific effects, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for without having to hunt around. Sometimes these roundup posts gather tutorials that would be buried underneath search results otherwise, and you’ll probably find a diamond in the rough.

10. Julieanna Kost’s Adobe Blog – Perfect for Intermediate Designers

julieanna kost's photoshop blog

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Adobe has a lot of approved bloggers that create content on their website. There are many great ones to choose from, and one standout is Julieanna Kost. Her Photoshop posts cover how to use useful tools and how to make your workflow more efficient. This is probably ideal for intermediate users, who know the basics and are aware of some more specific or advanced features but haven’t tried them out yet. Many of Julieanna’s posts are actually video tutorials, so settle in for both some reading and listening.

Everything you need to become a Photoshop expert is out there on these blogs and more. From the absolute basics to advanced and specific tutorials, there is a huge wealth of knowledge you can find. The key is practice! Even if you see a tutorial that doesn’t catch your interest, it will be worth trying it out just so you can potentially learn new skills. If you want to share your favorite Photoshop tutorial or effect in the comments below, please do, and let’s all learn together!

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