The Payton Hartsell Interview

Payton Hartsell Interview

Payton Hartsell is a young photographer from Houston, Texas shooting various subjects such as senior portraits, weddings, commercial work, and much more. With her unique style and keen eye for detail, Payton is able to show off her work with clarity and confidence.

To learn how Payton got started out and how she began working with more models, continue reading below.

1. Have you always been interested in photography? If not, when did you get into it?

I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. I have this photo of my 3 year old self sitting on a bus holding a film camera with the biggest smile on my face. For my 9th birthday, my dad gave me my very own Canon point-and-shoot and that was when I began taking photography more seriously.

payton hartsell photography interview

2. What are some of your other passions besides photography?

I create in my art journal when I have extra time.  Collages, paint pictures, doodle. It’s definitely a stress reliever for me.

3. What is a great memory that you made in 2016?

My favorite memory from 2016 is the night my friend Clay and I were in Whataburger at 1am and randomly decided to take a trip to Los Angeles a few weeks later. It was definitely the beginning of something great and pushed us both to take our careers more seriously.

4. Where do you hope to travel in 2017?

In 2017, I hope to travel anywhere I haven’t been. I would love to experience as much as possible this coming year and, of course, photograph the entire time. My top 3 places to visit are Egypt, Maine, and Greece.

5. What are some tips for capturing crisp, clear portraits?

For portraits, focus on the eyes, always. Sometimes I shoot in Live mode so that I can see the image larger than I can through the viewfinder. This definitely helps me with sharp focusing.

6. How did you learn to edit your photos?

Cheesy to say but.. trial and error. Over and over and over again. (Download Payton’s Lightroom Presets here to help start out in your editing process!)

7. What is your process for editing after a photo shoot?

After a photo shoot, I either binge-edit every single photo in one night or procrastinate until I force myself to get the images done. Do not follow my example. Pace yourself to produce the best images you can!

8. Who are some of your inspirations?

My biggest inspiration is Ricky Dillon. He’s such an inspiring and genuine soul and has absolutely been one of the most influential people in my life.

9. Are you excited to be working with anyone in particular in the near future?

There’s no one in particular I’ll be working with soon but I am excited to shoot with anyone in this coming year who wants to shoot with me. I love to work with anyone who appreciates my art.

payton hartsell interview

10. What are some goals you hope to accomplish in 2017?

In 2017, I hope to shoot more bands and performers, work directly with an established magazine, and have one of my images used as a book cover.

interview with payton hartsell

We hope you learned some useful tips and pointers from Payton and apply them to your photography. If you would like to stay updated on Payton’s work you can follow her on Instagram and on her website. :)

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