The Top 10 Blogs for Learning Digital Illustration

The Top 10 Blogs for Learning Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration is a fun way to create digital art with the techniques of traditional art. In this post we’re highlighting ten of the best blogs you should be reading if you’re learning digital illustration – no matter what stage you’re at. We also have some digital illustration content on our blog, including Best Procreate Brushes for Vintage Illustrations and Vector Art Inspiration. Be sure to read those after you find your new favorite blog!

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The 10 Best Blogs for Learning Digital Illustration

1. Illustration Age

Illustration Age gives inspiration and education to the illustration community. They have articles, interviews, and links to resources. Their blog has a wide variety of content, but much of it centers around lessons for artists and how to monetize your illustration career.

2. Icons8

Icons8 is more than just a digital illustration blog. It is a blog and overall resource for all kinds of digital art. But, they have an excellent selection of blog content covering illustration. With plenty of how-to’s, you will have plenty of things to practice on.

3. Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ has plenty of blogs for a variety of things, and digital illustration is one of them. You can learn from specific guides on how to create certain things in different programs, which will give you the basis of knowledge you need. There are so many diverse tutorials on Envato that you’re sure to come away with valuable skills!

4. Digital Arts

It’s in the name! Digital Arts has a massive backlog of tutorials about digital illustration of all kinds. Whether you want to learn about vector art or a low-poly portrait, the tutorials on this blog will keep you busy for a long, long time!

5. Paintable

Paintable is a blog with tutorials around digital illustration including sketching, painting, and realistic lighting! Compared to some of the other blogs on this list, this blog is a bit more practical for beginners. It covers these basics, and the tutorials are a lot less niche. If digital painting is your area of focus, then Paintable is where you should start.

6. Digital Art Tutorials

Digital Art Tutorials has a great selection of tutorials from beginner to advanced. Whether it’s inking, lettering, or just tips and tricks there should be something for you here. Their backlog isn’t huge, but the tutorials they do have are fantastic for any digital illustrator.

7. Graphic Design Junction

Graphic Design Junction does far more than illustration tutorials. But they have plenty of them! They have a massive collection of various tutorials so you should have no problem finding something that you can learn from.

8. Painter Artist

Painter Artist is a website dedicated to tutorials around Corel Painter, so it is a goldmine for anyone that uses that tool. They have guides on how to create paint in a traditional art style, how to draw manga and anime styles, and general usage guides for the software itself.

9. Learn with Steph Fizer Coleman

Learn with Steph Fizer Coleman is a tutorial blog about digital illustration. The guides focus on creating digital creations that look like traditional hand-painting, as well as writings about doing digital illustration as a career path.

10. Digital Art Tutorials Tumblr

If you want straightforward tutorials about many aspects of digital illustration, then this Tumblr blog is a great read! Each tutorial is fully illustrated with detailed examples, meaning it should be super-easy to follow along.

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