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Canva has been a favored platform to create professional, eye-catching graphics for social media posts. They offer hundreds of free fonts, images, elements, layouts, and more. It is easy to use and allows for complete freedom to let your creativity take over. Their pre-designed templates for IG stories make it even more rewarding. With templates, you are able to produce multiple stories with a consistent look and tone. While you can create your own templates this can be time-consuming and for someone with little design experience and can result in a lot of wasted time. IG story templates will save you time and allows you to focus on the other important aspects of creating a successful IG story marketing strategy. You can find a variety of templates that you will have to pay for or just take a look at these free Canva templates for IG stories you can begin using today!

Best IG Stories Templates on Canva

1. Brown and Green Delicate Instagram Story

This template comes with eight separate layouts. Add text, multiple images, and completely customized colors and elements. The cool tones are welcoming and intriguing and perfectly compliment the added elements and layers in each layout. You won’t have to worry about someone swiping forward, exiting, or skipping what you are showing in your stories. 

2. Multi Fuji Template Instagram Story

Display multiple images with this Canva template. Add up to seven different images, each outlined with a black frame set on top of a white background, for a unique and eye-catching visual.SImple add your images, resize and you’re ready to go! You can quickly create clean and professional-looking stories that will look like you spent hours working on it. Get started with this template here, you can use the pre-designed template seen above or you can scroll to the bottom and just select the frame outline to just add your pictures and be done. 

3. Black and White Dark Party New Year Instagram Story

While this template screams Happy New Year, there is so much more you can use it for. It consists of five different layouts that can be displayed together to create a cohesive timeline in your IG stories. Easily change the text to a positive quote, congratulations, or anything you want. The images can be changed or use any from the selection of free images available on Canva.

4. White Ask Me Personal Instagram Story

Want a creative way to get more engagement with your stories? This template does all the work for you. It combines a stunning image and layouts out editable text box that allows you to quickly make edits, download, and use in just a few minutes. The background image can be swapped to your own or chosen from a selection of the free images available on Canva. This is a great template to use when you want to connect and engage more with your audience. Get started with this simple template here.

5. White and Purple Yoga Fitness 9:16 Video

This is a stunning layout that truly does everything for you. It already has a video and music upload to the template, which you can easily change and upload your own. You can trim videos to meet the IG Story guidelines right on the Canva edit tabs. Change the text to what you want to share and even play around with some of the text effects, make your words bounce, tumble, and roll across the screen plus many others to choose from. See it in action here.

6. White Paper Photo Delicate Life Quote Instagram Story

If you love to share quotes in your stories this is a beautiful template to use. Like all the other templates on our list, this one allows you the freedom to customize every aspect. Swap the images, add your favorite quote, change up the colors, and more. You can get your stories created and look more professional in just a minute or two. This template also allows you to add some animations with the text and image you use. Check it out here and let your creativity run wild. 

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