Top 16 Clean Rounded Fonts for Designers

Top 16 Clean Rounded Fonts for Designers

When designing anything whether it be a wedding invitation to a logo for your business you need to choose a font that represents you. Fonts are often overlooked when designing graphics because we choose to get fixated on the content. Picking a quirky and fun font for your sincere and professional business cards will leave those who receive it confused as to what to expect from you.

That is why choosing the appropriate font is essential for whatever you are creating and designing. This list will help you narrow down your choices to make it easier to sort through the hundreds of thousands of rounded fonts out there. In this list you will see quirky fun fonts to clean and luxurious fonts with a focus on the rounded style sans serif fonts popular in minimal designs. All of the fonts listed in this article are certified by Creative Market meaning they are reliable, organized, and the product is easily usable. Cover photo credit: LogoBuy

Best Rounded Fonts

Visby Round CF Soft Geometric Sans

Credit to Connary Fagen

The Visby Round CF Soft is a geometric sans font. With this font you will get eight weights and obliques. Visby offers a clear and fresh look compared to its older sibling fonts.

Mint Round

Credit to Dasagani

Mint Round is a modern round font that brings positiveness and a fun life to what you are saying. This font includes capitals, lowercase, numbers, and symbols that will give you plenty of detail and options when using this font.

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Enriq Round Sans Serif Font

Credit to NEWFLIX.Bro

If you want a clean round font with a fun style that lightens the mood look at the Enriq Round Sans Serif Font. NEWFLIX.Bro the creators of this font offer six styling options that include regular, light, thin, medium, bold, and black. This classy, but contemporary font is perfect for flyers and social media uses.

Orborn – Round Futuristic Font

Credit to LogoBuy

If you are looking for a font that looks futuristic and clean then look no further than the Orborn font. This font is built specifically for logos, headlines, titles, and posters. The Orborn font includes a total of 174 glyphs with plenty of symbols and punctuation’s.

Bunderan Rounded Sans

Credit to Vermilione

Bunderan is a simple sans serif font that looks contemporary with a luxurious feel. With this font package you will receive Bunderan Regular and Bunderan Bold. Along with this if you need a version of Bunderan for a cover display you can contact the creator Vermilione to receive it for free.

BALLE (Rounded Font)

Credit to Bangun Studio

Minimalism is very popular in 2019 from decor to photography and even fonts. Take a look at this font to bring a minimalist look and feel to your logos, banners, and apparel designs.

Minimalust Typeface

Credit to pratamaydh

Is there anything better looking than a vintage minimalist font? In my opinion there isn’t which makes the Minimalust Typeface one of my personal favorites. This font is best used with any type of graphic designs and posters.

Ollie | Rounded Script

Credit to Manraj Ubhi

Manraj Ubhi the creator of the Ollie Rounded Script describes this font as a “clean, beautiful mono-line font.” This font is perfect for invitations and holiday cards and with Christmas around the corner we are all looking for a beautiful font for those holiday cards.

Riverfall Semi Rounded Textured Font

Credit to NEWFLIX.Bro

Are you looking for a vintage looking font? If yes, then take a look at the Riverfall Semi Rounded Textured Font. This font is great for logos, signs, advertising, and apparel. 5 different weights and styles are included with this font that includes regular, medium, and bold styles.

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Stick-A-Round (and Have Some fun!)

Use the Stick-A-Round font to bring a lively fun feel to your graphics. This font is great for humorous graphics and cards.

Piambis Round Open Type Font

Credit to Aga Silva Fonts

Piambis Round is an incredible handwritten font that includes a wide variety of characters. Those who are looking for a beautiful handwritten font that keeps it quirky vibe be sure to take a peek at the Piambis Round open type font.

Caferio – The Florest Typeface

Credit to NEWFLIX.Bro

Caferio is another vintage font with clean and smooth edges that makes for flattering logos and stationery. Along with the vintage look it includes an outlined font to compliment the regular Caferio. A special set of uppercase letters is included with this font along with numerals and punctuation.

Knicknack – The lovable sans serif

Credit to Great Scott!

Bring a warm and smooth font to your graphics by choosing the Knickknack sans serif font. Great Scott! the creator of the Knicknack font gives us two unique styles that includes regular and fuzzy with 5 different weights and sizes. Use the variable font file of Knicknack that allows you to control the weight and size of the font with an easy to use slider.

BERLIN Rounded – Sans Serif Typeface

Credit to Designova

With 4 weights that includes normal, bold, and extra bold you will have all you need to create impressive clean banners and card with this font. Berlin Rounded Sans Serif is a rounded version of the classic and popular font Berlin.

Lucy Rounded

Credit to me55enjah

The Lucy Rounded font is a modern light font that brings a fresh look to the graphics you include it in. With a rounded, rounded italic, bold, and bold italic styling options you will definitely have all you need to create stunning graphics with this font.

Cabo Rounded Font Family

Credit to Design a Lot

Cabo Rounded Font comes in with five weights and 10 unique styles. Be sure to take a look at this font that will surely bring a professional look to your graphics.

What are your favorite rounded fonts?

Which rounded font family is your favorite? Leave a comment below to let us know! This post contains affiliate links, see our Privacy Policy to learn more.

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