50+ Unique Types of Digital Products Creators Can Sell

50+ Unique Types of Digital Products Creators Can Sell

A simplified list of the most popular types of digital products you can sell. This list is filled with digital product ideas for creators, primarily in the creative fields of photo, video, design, and audio. But, the market for digital products is massive! Share your ideas in a comment below this article. Take a look at trending digital products →

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Photography Digital Products

Popular digital product ideas for photographers.

1. Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets are a very popular digital product for photographers to share their editing styles with the world. You can create cool effects, save them as presets, and then sell them! People sell presets for both desktop and mobile. Check out popular Lightroom Presets and Mobile Lightroom Presets.

2. Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions are another common digital product for photographers and photo editors. You can create much more detailed and complex effects with actions in Photoshop. From mystical filters to fire effects, paint effects, and everything in-between, Photoshop Actions are for the truly creative. View popular PS Actions here.

220 Photoshop Actions Bundle

3. Capture One Styles

Another very similar digital product type to presets and actions, but for the program Capture One which is catered to editorial/studio photography, are Capture One Styles. Check out top Capture One Styles on FilterGrade.

4. ACR Presets

Just like Lightroom Presets, but for Adobe Camera RAW. ACR Presets are in the .xmp format and are used by many photographers in the newer versions of Lightroom too. Check out ACR presets here for an idea.

5. Lightroom Brushes

Lightroom Brushes are used for retouching skin, beauty and fashion editors, and more! They are another great digital product for photographers to sell, especially people who do a lot of retouching for campaigns. Check out Lightroom Brushes here.

6. Photoshop Plugins

Outside of just actions and other filters, people sell plugins, extensions, and panels in Photoshop too! Typically, these are used for more advanced functionalities like retouching, batch processing, specialized design, and photo manipulation. Check out some cool Photoshop Plugins here from creator BBTools.

7. Layouts and Templates

Another extremely popular digital products category for Photoshop are templates! This encompasses a lot of areas, but can include layouts for websites, pages, social media, and so much more. People sell text effects, scene creators, visual kits, and a lot more. See some examples of creative Templates here.

8. Stock Photos

With more and more images being viewed on a daily basis then ever before, the need for stock photography is always rising. Licensing your photos is easier than ever and can be really lucrative depending on the niche(s) you focus on. Check out our guide to stock photography here.

Upselling for Photographers: How to Make More Money

9. Photo Overlays

Overlays are another really popular category because there are so many end use cases. If you are a photographer or creative, you most likely have lots of photos or designs over the years. Selling bokeh overlays, dust and film grain, leafy overlays, and other photo overlays can be a great side income. See popular overlays here.

10. Textures

Similar to overlays, textures are also incredibly popular and used by lots of designers, developers, and agencies for projects. You can sell all kinds of textures, especially grunge, wood, stone, paper, plastic, and natural/material textures. See popular textures here.

11. Printable Guides and Cheat Sheets

With all the new photographers and creators, there are sure to be a lot of beginners and people looking to learn. Make printable guides, cheat sheets, and other helpful resources that students can use while learning. Things like exposure help for photographers, video settings for filmmakers, light guides, and much more. See some examples of printables here.

12. Workshops

Workshops are very popular for photographers to share their lessons with their followers. This works best when you have a larger audience, but if you have something unique to teach, you should definitely give workshops a shot! Here’s a great example from photographer Samuel Elkins.

Video Digital Products

Popular digital product ideas for videographers, filmmakers, and video editors/colorists.

13. LUTs

LUTs which stands for lookup tables are a popular digital product sold by videographers and colorists. They are typically used in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro X, but also work in a number of other programs like Photoshop, Lumafusion, and more. View popular LUTs on FilterGrade.

cineplus kinolut

14. Transitions

Transitions are the next most digital product for video editors, especially Premiere Pro transitions. These are the cool swooshes and effects you see in video edits, ads, and other trendy films. Check out examples of transitions here.

15. Stock Footage

Just like photos, videos and footage are being consumed more than ever. Stock footage is especially in demand as video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and others grow. Check out stock footage on FilterGrade.

16. Video Overlays

Similar to photo overlays, video overlays are also heavily in demand and are used for creative edits, ads, and more. Things like glass effects, bokeh overlays, animated textures, and motion overlays are really popular. View popular Elements & Overlays on FilterGrade.

17. Video Treatments

When you are filming a music video, short film, or advertisement, it can be helpful to have a treatment and some sort of structure going into it. For newer directors and even seasoned professionals, templates for video treatments can be extremely helpful. Especially when making hundreds of videos a year. Here’s an example of a video production kit with treatments and more from creator Creative Room.

Design Digital Products

Popular types of digital products for graphic designers, UI/UX designers, and digital illustrators.

18. Fonts

One of the original digital products on the internet, fonts are very popular and used by millions worldwide. Designers make all kinds of fonts from distressed and grungy to clean and rounded. Check out our popular Art Deco Fonts Roundup.

19. Graphics

Graphics and clip art are also really popular digital products that designers can make and they span a wide range of niches and categories. From gorgeous watercolor illustrations to cute avatar kits and much more, graphics is a great category to explore for creative people. Check out popular Graphics on FilterGrade.

20. Icons

Icons are very popular and used to be extremely popular during some of the earlier web design days. Now other types of icons like iOS 14 app icons and social media icons are gaining popular. Check out some examples of icons on FilterGrade.

21. UI Kits

User Interface Kits were also very popular during the rise of web design in the 2000s and 2010s. Now UI kits are still popular, but with much different styles than the past. If you love designing brand guides, buttons, and other bits and bobs, these are a great digital product to sell! See some examples of UI Kits here.

22. Mockups

Mockups are digital templates for displaying designs, graphics, and other objects like physical spaces and creations. A lot of agencies and designers use mockups to display the final work to clients. It can help show it in a more realistic setting that really emphasizes how it will look in the real world. It’s a great digital products category to get into and is constantly evolving as the internet changes. View popular Mockups on FilterGrade.

23. Patterns

Patterns are repeating designs and illustrations that can be used a number of ways, like for wallpapers or website backgrounds. View some examples of Patterns here.

24. Procreate Brushes

Procreate is one of the most popular apps for drawing and painting on the iPad and with that comes a huge demand for brushes! Find some Procreate Brushes here.

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25. Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Brushes are also very popular for retouching, painting and drawing, and other creative applications. View the Photoshop Brushes category here.

skin retouching brushes for Photoshop

26. Cards

Designers can also sell card and invitation templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, and other design programs. Check out Cards digital products here.

27. Posters

Posters and club flyer templates used to be much more in demand, but there are still a lot of people selling posters. If you like designing them, check out this article about cool fonts for posters.

28. Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Computer wallpapers, backgrounds, and other cool visual graphics are popular digital products for designers to make. View Backgrounds on FilterGrade.

29. Infographics

With the need for more visual information on social media and blogs, infographics and templates for creating data visualizations are in high demand. See some infographics here.

30. Social Media Templates

Instagram Templates and other social media templates are very popular and used by millions of influencers and companies around the world. Canva and Photoshop templates are especially popular and story templates common. Check out some Instagram Story Ideas here. View all Social Media Templates on FilterGrade.

Audio Digital Products

Popular digital product ideas for musicians, audio producers and engineers, and other audio creators.

31. Music

Music is one of the most common digital products in the world, but nonetheless it is extremely popular. You can license it, list it on streaming platforms, share it on YouTube, and so much more. Check out our article with: 16 Copyright Free (and Creative Commons) Music Sources

32. Sound Effects

Sounds Effects are very popular for video editors. Clashes, cinematic sounds, air and woosh sounds, and many other types of sound effects are in demand. View popular Sound Effects on FilterGrade.

luigi chiurchi sound fx bundle

33. Audio Presets

Audio Presets, similar to photo presets, are useful for editing audio in Adobe Audition and other programs. If you are an audio professional, this is a great category to get into, especially with all the growth of podcasting!

34. Beat Packs

Beat Packs are popular for producers and engineers to sell. These can include drum kits, samples, loops, and much more.

35. Meditation and ASMR

Meditation is on the rise as more and more people seek calm. You can sell meditation audio tapes and/or ASMR tapes to people looking for unique sounds.

36. Voiceovers

Voiceovers and vocal packs are great for video editors and people who need to add sound over videos without audio. If you are a voice actor, consider Voiceovers!

Motion Digital Products Ideas

Popular digital product ideas for motion designers and animators.

37. After Effects Templates

Motion graphics templates are very popular for agencies and creative teams, and After Effects Templates are a common digital product for motion designers to make. View popular After Effects Templates here.

38. Premiere Pro Templates

Similar to After Effects Templates, but for Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro Templates are used by YouTubers more and often include intros/outros and lower thirds too. Check out popular Premiere Pro Templates here.

action urban premiere pro template

39. Final Cut Pro Templates

Final Cut Pro is a popular video editing program from Apple, and many users are looking for templates just like in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Check out Final Cut Pro templates here.

40. Apple Motion Templates

Similar to FCPx templates, Apple Motion templates are used in the Apple Motion editing program. These are another great digital product idea for motion designers and animators.

41. Animations

Sell animation packs and cool animations to a range of clients. Video editors use animations a lot in larger projects, so think of the best categories to create for. View Animation Digital Products on FilterGrade.

42. Gifs

If you really love making animations, you can also sell gifs and cool funny memes. Check out Giphy.

43. Animated Letter Packs

Animated fonts and letter packs are another great resource for video editors so they are a great digital product type to consider. If you like creating fonts and designs, this could be a great side hustle. View some animated letter packs here.

44. Animated Character Packs

Similar to animated letter packs, character packs and character makers for After Effects and other animation programs are very popular. Create silly or goofy characters with 100s of options that editors can use in their video projects, ads, and explainer videos.

45. Story Templates

Animated Instagram stories, templates for story ads and swipe-ups, and mockups/frames for stories are all really popular. Check out some story templates here.

booming instagram story templates

More Creative Digital Products Ideas

Popular types of digital products for other creators like comedians, comics, teachers, and other educators.

45. Comics and Illustrations

Comics, illustrations, short stories, manga, and other visual digital products are great for authors, illustrators, and other talented creative individuals to sell. Check out some examples of Illustrations on FilterGrade.

46. eBooks

Share stories, interesting guides, visual explainers, and other eBooks. You can write an eBook about anything, but many creators share educational content, like guides and references. Fiction stories do really well too, and you can even share visual eBooks for certain types of niches.

47. Educational Content

Educational content is a very popular, and wide ranging, category of digital products. It includes just about everything, but when it comes to creators here are some ideas. Sell a guide to lighting, or a corporate video production tutorial, or even some lessons on photo editing. The possibilities are endless. Here’s a thought too, don’t limit yourself to just English. There are tons of people looking for educational content in Spanish, Chinese, and many other languages.

View the Educational Hub on FilterGrade →

48. Courses

Courses are another extremely wide ranging and popular type of digital product that creators of all types can try out. Things like photo editing, video editing, 3D modeling, and other creative skillsets are all really helpful to newcomers. Check out our article about Skillshare, a popular platform for selling courses.

49. 3D Models

The world of 3D design is exploding, especially as video games and livestreaming grow in popularity. Design 3D models for programs like Cinema 4D, Blender, 3DS Max, and others so that studios, designers, engineers, and other companies can use them in their final projects. It is one of the fastest growing markets for digital products.

50.  3D Textures

Similar to 3D Models, people need textures and life-like details, lighting, shaders, etc. for their 3D models and designs. Make specific textures that game designers can use.

51. Game Assets

Games need even more assets, you can build custom gaming assets for a variety of end users. Think about PC games, mobile games, and even videos and renders.

52. Drawing Guides

Helping new illustrators is a great way to build a digital products business. Share creative drawing guides and tutorials for your students so they can learn new skills faster, and print them out at home to draw for themselves.

53. Plans and Classes

Similar to courses or workshops, plans and classes are another huge area in the digital products space for any type of creator to explore. You can create plans for new photographers or filmmakers, sell a 30 day styling class, and much more. Creative Live is a great example of a platform to see some examples of creative classes.

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