Why Your Masterpiece Deserves a Custom Frame

Why Your Masterpiece Deserves a Custom Frame

Many people have found it challenging when choosing the right frame for their artwork.

Sometimes, it can be daunting because they aren’t sure where to start. That’s why many are turning to custom framing.

A custom frame is an ultimate accessory for your art. It will protect and enhance your piece, giving it a professional look that stands out from the rest. However, there are various other points to consider regarding the benefits of a custom frame.

Knowing these benefits will help you gain the most out of your investment. Cover photo by Medhat Ayad.

1. Provides a Finished Look

Frames are often an afterthought in the process. However, they are one of the most integral parts of it. A frame completes a picture and elevates the overall aesthetic, making it look whole. The right frame can even help you sell your work if you’re looking forward to making money off your latest masterpiece.

While framing is not something people think about much, it does require skill and expertise.

Framing is like an art in itself, allowing you to show off your style, personality and creativity. It is also important because it’s the last step that completes your work, giving it the final touch. Additionally, custom framing highlights certain aspects of a piece while de-emphasizing others.

For instance, frames with simple lines can draw attention away from areas that require more focus. However, they highlight other elements, such as bold colors or textures.

2. Custom Frames Are Made to Last

The time, thought, and effort put into each piece deserves some appreciation by choosing a custom frame that suits the medium. Doing so ensures work you’ve invested in keeps it looking good over the years.

Custom frames don’t have cheap plastic parts or raw materials involved in the process. Therefore, it limits any fading, yellowing or degrading as time passes. In turn, you extend the intensity of the piece that you found interesting in the first place.

3. The Right Frame Can Enhance Your Artwork

While it’s easy to assume the frame only serves as a protective layer, there are various other reasons it has a major impact.

The right frame can complement and enhance the look of your artwork. It also helps it make a statement without overshadowing other elements in the room.

One thing to consider with framing is selecting one that complements the artwork. It should be in proportion to the size and shape of your piece and its subject matter.

The frame should also be proportional to the wall or other surface on which you hang it. For example, if a large picture fills up most of a wall, it’s best not to surround it with smaller frames. Instead, it would help if you looked for something larger or perhaps more ornate.

Remember that the frame should also be proportionate to the other elements in its vicinity — including different frames on display. That way, they don’t compete with each other visually.

4. Adds Dimension

It may be hard to explain how framing can make a piece of the artwork appear more three-dimensional. Because if you think about it, the frame is the only part you ever see from the front of the art piece. 

However, it does add depth and dimensionality to your artwork. It creates an optical illusion with a sense of balance and proportion. Your eye sees more depth in the entire framed artwork than just on its own surface.

If you look at works of art by Claude Monet, for example, you’ll see he often used frames as part of his paintings. Essentially, he would choose simple ones with little embellishment.

The effect was to give his works more depth and perspective since people would view them in an environment with many other elements competing for attention. The same method can work for you, as you may imagine what else could be vying for attention in your living room.

5. You Can Add Your Personal Touch

If you’ve worked hard to create something that deserves showing off, you want your masterpiece to look as good on the outside as it does on the inside. That’s where custom framing comes into play. 

Each frame you choose can reflect your work’s significance while highlighting your personal style. 

You can design a frame specific to your preference and present your artwork in the best way possible. Choosing a structure that reflects your personality and home decor can seem overwhelming.

That’s why it’s always best to keep it simple and choose a frame that complements your decor and the print itself.

Choosing the Right Custom Frame

The frame you choose should be the right size for your artwork and enhance your masterpiece’s appearance. It needs to protect the piece from dust and light and be the right color.

If you have a small piece of art, it’s best to avoid an oversized frame. Otherwise, it will make your work look too small compared with its surroundings.

The same goes if you have a large painting or photograph. You must find a way to ensure that every detail is easy for guests to see while they’re admiring it on display in your home or workplace.

Consider choosing a different type of display material. Some options may include the following:

  • Acrylic glass
  • Plexiglass
  • Metal frames
  • Wood frames
  • Glass-fronted exhibit cases
  • Wall hangings and more.

Enhance Your Artwork With Custom Framing

Your masterpiece deserves a custom frame. It showcases your work in a way that highlights your vision. It also demonstrates the care you took in creating it. 

The right frame will also protect your artwork from damage, provide a professional look for any room and make it easy to display. 

Yet, once you decide on the perfect frame for your artwork — it will be exciting to see everyone who visits enjoy it.

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