25 Animated Overlays for Your Video Projects

Animated overlays are loved by videographers of all types and experience levels. They bring additional visual interest to a video and offer a stylish way to add info or just a fun effect. They range from simple, straightforward professional options to more fun, playful pieces. They’re super simple to use, just drag, drop, and adjust blending modes to your preference and you’re all done.

They can look as natural or as extraordinary as you want them too, which makes them an indispensable tool, in our opinion. There’s plenty of options to look over out there, but we’ve gathered a few of our favorites animated overlays to use in your video projects below. 

Title & Transition Animated Overlays

Although these are most valuable in the business world, a professionally designed transition or video title can take your personal projects to the next level. The more mundane aspects of videos, like titles and transitions, are easy to overlook but with these animated overlays, that’s not a problem at all. Use them for a corporate presentation or a social branding video or whatever you want. They’ll add a polished effect to any video project. 

Find more of our Titles & Transitions Here.

Textify – Kinetic Text Animations for After Effects

100 Animated Transitions Pack for After Effects

HUD Lower Thirds

Titles Elegant Cinematic 2 Premiere

Light & Film Overlay Effects

Light & film effects can be extremely difficult to achieve naturally. Oftentimes because you can’t control 100 percent of the conditions in which you are filming. Light and film effect overlays make that task much, much easier by providing you with a tool to make your own light leaks, grain, and cinematic film effects.  These unique details are often hard to replicate without a lot of time and practice, but with overlays, it’s very simple. And, whether you’re looking for a vintage film effect or trying your hand at an animated double exposure, we’ve got something to help you along the way. 

Litera – Film Titles After Effects Template

Epicness Trailer After Effects Template

Ink Opener Premiere Pro Template

4K Vintage Film Overlays Motion Graphics Kit

Double Exposure Parallax Titles After Effects Template

50 4K Film Grain & Grunge Overlay Loops

NEO Dreams Light Leaks and Bokeh Overlays

Glitch Animated Overlays

Similar to light and film effects, these can be especially difficult to replicate. Too glitchy and you won’t be able to identify the subject, not glitchy enough and you could miss the effect entirely. And, it gets even more complicated when you add movement. These animated overlays take all the guesswork out of adding the perfect glitch and grunge effects. They’re also a great way to add an unusual texture to your video projects. From cool-toned futuristic effects to more eerie black and white options, there are plenty to choose from. Get inspired with these grunge and glitch animated overlays. 

Mono Grunge Animated Textures Pack

Welter Glitch Effects

Fast Glitch Presets(Premiere Pro)

Universal Glitch Presets(Premiere Pro)

Nature Animated Overlays

You can’t control the weather. Unfortunately, sometimes it just doesn’t cooperate with you. If you were trying to capture the magic of falling snow or the impressive power of lighting, only to fail, it can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, nature overlays offer a simple solution. Add them to your video to create a realistic snow feel, or even a dazzling galaxy. And, don’t get stuck on using these in a realistic fashion. Just because they occur naturally, doesn’t mean you need to use them that way. Part of the fun of overlays is finding unexpected ways to implement them. 

10 Neo Realistic Winter Snow Overlays

Particle Presets Kit(After Effects) 

PhotoRealistic Galaxy Titles Premiere Pro Template

Snow Overlay Motion Graphics Pack

10 Cinematic Smoke Video Pack Alpha

Holiday Animated Overlays

Holidays of any and all kinds are the perfect excuse to add fun animations to your video projects. They’re a time for celebration, and these playful additions to your work will take things to the next level. Although they’re great for social media posts and YouTube videos, these overlays are also great for a corporate environment or business during the holidays. 

Christmas Doodle Frame Pack 02(Animation Loops)

Christmas Animated Doodle Elements Pack 03

Christmas Doodle Decoration Pack 04

Christmas Doodle Elements Pack 07 Video Overlays

108 Animated Doodle Love Pack Video Overlays

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