Featured Photographer: Chase Wolfe

Featured Photographer: Chase Wolfe

In this Featured Photographer article we’ll be interviewing Chase Wolfe. Chase documents rappers and musicians around the world. Follow him on Instagram @prodwolfe901.

1. Tell us about your story and how you got started with photographing artists.

I am a 19 year old photographer from Memphis, TN. I started loving photography when I was a sophomore in high school and it was all because of my favorite youtuber at the time Justin Escalona (film maker from Chicago).

At the time I couldn’t afford a camera so all I could do was teach myself before I could actually grab a camera and bring my work to light. Watching Justin’s dailydocs made me fall in love with capturing moments and making sure I can always rewatch and relive them through a lens.

Earlier in my junior year of high school, my dad gifted me a canon rebel t4i and I started doing photography after school everyday with some of my best friends. We would walk out of school, go home to grab my camera and then we would go absolutely anywhere we could to get cool shots.

I had a friend at school who rapped at the time (@randollph4l) and he had booked a studio session for a feature with big boogie (memphis cmg artist). He called me to come take pictures and the next day boogie called me to start working with him. After me and boogie got locked in I started leaving school or skipping classes to go work with him and other artists. I actually missed so much school I almost didn’t graduate.

I began to reach out to many artists in the Memphis area and slowly began building a solid viewing base and alot of positive feed back. I have worked with many artists and I have worked my way up to a little over 12.5k followers in the past year. I currently do photography full time and travel all over to work with people across the world!

Photo of Chase Wolfe with rapper White $osa.


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2. Who is your biggest inspiration?

As far as what I do looking up to other cameramen my top 3 inspirations are Justin Escalona (@justinescalona), Jordan Spencer (@shotbyspencer), and a close friend of mine @wikidfilms.


3. Who do you want to shoot with the most?

I really wanna branch out and be able to work with anyone and everyone I can, but as far as looking forward to stuff I think me and choppa (NLE Choppa) are gonna do a lot. I’ll always be waiting on the call from Future and Lil Uzi.

4. What are your biggest goals in 2020 and beyond?

My biggest goal this year is to branch out and network as much as possible. its not always about what you know, it’s about who you know.

5. Where can we see your work?

All work sources:

Instagram and Twitter: @prodwolfe901

Youtube: wolfe productions

Website: https/wolfeproductions901.com

6. Have any cool stories to share from your photo jobs? Anything wild or crazy happen that you documented?

I have a lot of endless stories being a photographer in memphis, but how I met moneybagg was pretty good. I had some friends performing at Beale Street festival last year (@fastcashboyz and @nlechoppamusic) so since I knew them they let me get on stage and shoot their performances.

The staff at the festival did not want to give me a press pass for whatever reason. They kicked me out whenever bag went up to perform so I stayed and watched him perform. Halfway through bag’s performance I started walking back to my car which was 2 miles away. Somehow by the time I walked a mile moneybagg was shooting a video with fredobang. I instantly walked over and started capturing whatever I could after introducing myself since the staff wouldn’t let me shoot at the show.

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