The Best Invoicing Apps for Freelancers

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As a freelancer, it is up to you to ensure all invoices, meetings, reminders, bills and more are paid, sent, and scheduled. This on top of shooting, location scouting, editing and delivering your final projects can add up to a lot of daily to-dos that often go undone.

To help you keep your business organized there are a number of apps that can create, send, and file invoices and more. Here are the best invoicing apps for freelancers that you should consider taking advantage of.

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1. Freshbooks

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This invoicing app can help with more than just invoices. This is an all in one managing tool that offers some of the best features you can find with an invoicing app. You can create, send invoices and set up automatic reminders for clients who have missed paying an invoice. You can also set up recurring payments, allow clients to pay directly online through the Freshbooks portal, implement late fees, and customize invoices. They also offer a 30-day free trial so you can test it out!

2. HoneyBook

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HoneyBook has everything you need to run a freelance business. Aside from customizing invoices, you can also create proposals to send to clients. The interface is user-friendly and allows you to visually see where you are and what needs to be done for each client you are working with.

3. Bonsai

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This is a newer freelancers app but utilizes some vital features. This apps allows you to collect and analyze data around your business so you can make better decisions about your business. You can use a number of templates to create invoice and set up contracts attached with legally binding e-signatures. This app makes getting and staying organized a breeze as it autocratically stores and files all the documents you need each time you start a new project. They also offer a 30-day trial to test out the features before you commit.

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4. Plutio

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Plutio is a great app to use if you need extra help with staying on task and organized. This app allows you to create and manage invoices, as well as set up direct payment options. It also gives you an option for setting up tasks and schedule to stay on track of everything related to your business. This is ideal if you have a small team you work with as you can easily set up direct communications, messaging and email channels so everyone stays on the same page through an entire project.

5. And CO

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This is also a newer app that provides quality functions. You get paired with a tech support team which allows you to talk to a real person to help set up the app to optimize your business. You can create invoice and the app can automatically set up reminders, send invoices and manage a number of other tasks for you. You can also create time sheets, stay on top of expenses and run your business seamlessly. They offer a free trial so there is no reason not to give it a try.

6. Invoicera

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This is one of the ultimate project management apps around. You can manage all your clients in an organized list, as well as vendors or buyers you work with regularly, like for printing. They accept payments for you from all over the world so there is no barrier to break through if you want to sell images to customers in different countries. On top of all of this, it has a highly effective and efficient invoicing system that will send, remind, accept and help resolve disputes.

7. Harpoon

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Harpoon offers a unique feature that can really help you grow your business. Harpoon helps calculate all the expenses of running your business and calculates how much you need to make in a profit to not only cover all the costs but brings you in revenue that will support the lifestyle you want to live. You can set up annual and monthly goals so you can adjust how you operate your business to meet those goals.


8. Function Fox

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The dashboard alone is enough to make you want to use this app over and over. You have a number of ways you can customize how you use this app. You can set up project deadlines, milestones and task that need to be completed. You also can create an easy to use calendar that keeps track of all these tasks and more so you never miss an important meeting or deadline. You also have the option to compare budgets for upcoming projects so you can keep yourself under budget.

9. Wave

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If you are just looking for an app that will help you create and send invoices, then Wave is the app for you. They focus solely on clean professional looking invoicing services and some basic bookkeeping features that allow you to easily manage the financial side of your business.

10. Harvest

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If you plan to scale your business you can add team members easily with the Harvest app. This app keeps helps track time, project details, invoicing and more. Being able to easily integrate new team members is also a major perk that many of the other invoicing apps do not offer. Harvest also lets users try out the app for 30 days free.

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