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Free Travel Lightroom Presets Sample

Free Travel Lightroom Presets Sample from Loaded Landscapes

Traveling the globe is a great way to learn and grow. In seeing different environments and meeting new people, you will learn a lot about yourself and the world around you.

For photographers, traveling is also a fantastic way to gain some new inspiration. Every street you go down is a new opportunity for interesting photos.

In this post we’re excited to share an exclusive free travel Lightroom Presets sample from Loaded Landscapes.

free travel lightroom presets

This free sample includes 5 Lightroom Presets for travel related edits. These free presets are taken from the Loaded Landscapes Lightroom Presets collection. Get all 100+ filters here!

Here are the effects included with your download:

  • Blue Shadow
  • Booster
  • Dreamscape
  • Grunge
  • Road Trip

free grunge lightroom preset

free dreamscape lightroom preset

You can find a full .pdf tutorial and guide for installing the presets included with your download. If you need any more help, check out this tutorial on how to install Lightroom Presets.

Start editing your travel photos today with these free filters. Click the button below for an instant download.

Download the Free Travel Lightroom Presets!

free travel photo filters

We hope you like the free travel filters. If you’re looking for more travel editing resources, be sure to check out the Loaded Landscapes Bundle. It comes with over 100 travel presets ranging from grunge/HDR to faded dreamscapes.

Don’t forget to tag #filtergrade when you share on Instagram so we can see your edits!

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