LG’s New ‘Pocket Photo Snap’ Camera-Printer Comes to the U.S.

LG Pocket Photo Snap Camera Printer Device

Today LG Electronics USA announced the launch of the LG Pocket Photo Snap in the United States. LG has been selling the device in South Korea since April 30, 2018 as reported by ZDNet.

  • The Pocket Photo Snap is a new hybrid instant camera and portable printer

  • Print high quality photos immediately after you take them

  • Launch price of $149.99 for the camera and $24.99 for the photo paper

pocket photo snap lg camera printer

Photo credit: (PRNewsfoto/LG Electronics USA)

What is the Pocket Photo Snap?

The LG Pocket Photo Snap (also referred to as the Model PC389) is a portable device that allows you to edit, print, and share your photos on the go. This hybrid device comes with a 5 million pixel camera and allows you to take larger prints than most instant camera models with a resolution of 2.5 x 3.7-inch prints.

You can print up to 30 images on a full charge and you can reprint certain photos for family/friends who want copies.

LG Pocket Photo Snap Tech Specs


2560 x 1920

Printing Capacity

30 images

Printing Time

~45 seconds

Picture Formats


Charging Time

150 minutes

Charger Type

USB (v3.1) C-type USB (Device)


Fixed Focus

Flash / Shutter


instant mobile printing lg pocket photo snap

Mobile Capabilities

The LG Pocket Photo Snap has a number of versatile mobile capabilities. To start, the Pocket Photo Snap can print photos taken on Android and iOS devices simply by connecting via Bluetooth.

It also becomes a mobile editing studio, allowing you to edit photos (both mobile and taken on the Pocket Photo Snap) before printing. The editing is all done through the LG Pocket Photo app.

The Printing Process

The same process favored by many professional photo printers is used when printing photos with this device. By using a dye-sublimation process, the Pocket Photo Snap delivers high image quality with rich colors and great clarity.

The printer lays a transparent coating over the image to help protect it against humidity and reduce deterioration over time. The coating also prevents smudging of colors or degradation even if the photos get wet, preserving the cherished moments captured in a pristine, crisp state for a long time.

lg electronics pocket photo snap device

Photo credit: (PRNewsfoto/LG Electronics USA)

LG Pocket Photo Snap Price

The LG Pocket Photo Snap is available at Amazon, B&H Photo Video, and Fry’s Electronics for a suggested price of $179.99. Replacement photo paper and ink cartridge kits are priced at $29.99.

For the launch of the product is the United States, LG has a promotional price of $149.99 for the device and $24.99 for the photo paper. Amazon also has a bundle deal with the camera, photo paper, and a carrying case for $203.00.

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“The LG Pocket Photo Snap is much more than an instant camera. It’s a cool little device that gives consumers the ability to take high-quality photos and instantly share them both digitally and by printing them out on the spot to enjoy with family and friends,” said Tim Alessi, head of home entertainment product marketing at LG Electronics USA. “You can print instantly from your smartphone, too. LG designed the Pocket Photo Snap to be a highly portable travel companion that will enhance your enjoyment of all of those great moments you want to capture, enjoy and share.”

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